12 Ways To Pass JAMB 2021 Examination


12 Ways To Pass JAMB 2021 Examination

A good prepation must be done before expecting a good grade in JAMB and not just ordinary preparation but with hardwork and strategies.

Majority of student that failed to pass jamb 2020 failed to prepare earlier or failed to prepare at all. In this article I will be discussing the 12 ways to pass JAMB 2021.

Ways to pass jamb
How to pass JAMB

How To Pass JAMB 2021

1.Start Preparation Earlier

2.Create a special time to study

3. Know what you want (Target)

4. Get off Distraction

5. Know the Subject you’re good at and the one you’re bad at .

6. Solve Past questions

7.Study Using JAMB recommended Textbooks

8. Study by following the JAMB syllabus.

9.Believe In Yourself

10. Attend CBT Traning

11. Enroll For JAMB Lesson

12. Sit for JAMB MOCK

How to pass JAMB 2021

12 Ways To Pass JAMB

•Start Preparation Earlier 

“Make hay while the sun shine”
If you start to prepare  ahead of the exam , you will find enough time to study and even cover the syllabus . That’s why those who prepare earlier have a good chance of scoring more than 250 in the examination .

Some will wait till the exam date move near and won’t have enough time to read and cover the syllabus .
Even with the little they read , they might end up forgetting them because they’ve no time to study properly .

• Create a special time to study

Try to create a time to study so you will have enough focus on what you’re reading.  It will make your learning easier ,faster and more fun.

• Know what you want (Target)

Fix your mind on what you want and what you will do to achieve it . You can get higher score in JAMB by putting in mind a particular score you want to meet up with or score more than .It will push you to improve in all aspect of your weakness


This is why setting a special time to study is very important , forget all other things and focus on what you want to study . If you get distracted often it will affect what you’ve learnt .


Out of the 4 subject highlight the ones you’re very good at and the one you’re weak at … Try and work more on your strength and make it stronger than working more on your weakness and affecting your strength .. “If I have 100 hours to do what I’m good at and what I’m bad at , I will use 70 hours on what I’m good at and get better and 30 hours on what I’m bad at and increase my strength in it ” not loosing on both sides. – MasterMind

•Solve JAMB Past Questions

This is a great aspect , it is now a good news and no more a new news that JAMB do repeat questions from the past .The only thing they can try to do is to change how the questions are . Sometime they even bring back same question with same construction .

After reading a topic, test your self by answering questions from the exercise in that topic and see how progressive you are.

Study using JAMB recommended Textbooks

JAMB Recommended a lot of textbooks from different authors to expand your knowledge when preparing because they already know how tactical the exam will be.

•Study By following JAMB Syllabus

Using the JAMB Syllabus is very essential. You will see the topics that question will likely come from and tackle them by reading and understanding it it is one if the ways to pass JAMB.

JAMB brochure will offer you what to read.

•Believe In Yourself

Program your mind that you’ve already passed the Exam , think positively . The things we think reflects in what happens to us.

•Attend CBT training

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board have currently introduced a new method of writing exam which is computer based test (CBT).

The CBT exam requires basic computer knowledge of knowing how to handle the keyboard, and mouse.

If you are not conversant with computer, kindly rush now to enroll. And Not like years back when JAMB Exams were written in paper and pen.

Enroll For JAMB Lesson

You will learn better when you attend lessons because the opportunity of asking any confusing question are given.

register for JAMB center lesson at any nearby center .

•Sit for JAMB Mock Exam

UTME mock examination draws your attention on how your exam will be and it also a rough for you to know what you might likely score.

if you don’t have a good score in mock, then you know you need to double your readings.

Conclusively , you really need to work hard to pass jamb 2021 . I will advice you to follow the tips here and i promise you will score not less than 300 in 2021 JAMB. These are the ways to pass JAMB.
Thank you .

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