JAMB Past Questions and Answers PDF Download1983 – 2024 Free


You can now freely download PDFs of JAMB Past Questions And Answers for all subjects on Edustuff. They’ll aid your preparation for the 2024 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME).

JAMB Past Questions And Answers PDF Free Download all subjects

Is JAMB Past Questions Important?

Yes, the JAMB past questions and answers is very important, it will show you how JAMB questions looks like, JAMB do repeat questions sometimes, too much explanation is not needed, you surely understand.

Should I Use Only JAMB Past Questions And Answers To Prepare for JAMB?

No, please don’t do that. Edustuff will advise you to study with the recommended textbooks first following the JAMB syllabus at the same time. After that, solve the past questions, if there are some see areas you haven’t read in the past questions, pick up your textbooks and read it.

How Many Subjects Are Written In JAMB?

Four (4) subjects are written in JAMB and irrespective of your course of study English language is compulsory, you’ll add three other subjects which matches with your course.

This article helps with the below listed past questions:

Download Free JAMB Past Questions For All Subjects 1983 – 2024

  • Mathematics JAMB Past Questions
  • English JAMB Past Questions
  • Free Commerce JAMB Past Questions and Answers
  • Biology JAMB Past Questions
  • Government JAMB Past Questions
  • Economics JAMB Past Questions
  • Physics JAMB Past Questions
  • Chemistry JAMB Past Questions
  • Literature-in-English JAMB Past Questions
  • JAMB Accounting Past Questions And Answers

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Edustuff cares about the students and we never joke with examinations, we provided this JAMB Past Questions & Answers for you in addition to the many articles we’ve written on how to pass JAMB, JAMB syllabus, mistakes you must avoid during JAMB and many more.

The Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) conducts the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) which serves as entrance exam into tertiary institution. So you must pass the examination with high score.

Note: Only 10 JAMB Past Questions & Answers is available on Edustuff now.

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Download Free JAMB Past Questions And Answers PDF for All Subjects

Click or select the subject you want to download.

  1. Download JAMB Mathematics Past Questions and Answers PDF
  2. Download JAMB English Past Questions and Answers PDF
  3. Download JAMB Commerce Past Questions and Answers PDF Free
  4. Download JAMB Biology Past Questions and Answers PDF
  5. Download JAMB Government Past Questions and Answers PDF
  6. Download JAMB Economics Past Questions and Answers PDF
  7. Download JAMB Physics Past Questions and Answers PDF
  8. Download Free JAMB Chemistry Past Questions and Answers PDF
  9. Download JAMB Literature-in-English Past Questions and Answers PDF
  10. Download JAMB Accounting Past Questions and Answers PDF Free

These are the ones available for now, if you’ve any JAMB Past Questions to share with us, you can send an email to us via [email protected]

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Kindly note that the PDF contains past questions and answers, it doesn’t contain the current year questions and answers, these are just practice questions. Click HERE to download them.

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  1. I want know how to write a jamb in 2022 because I score 146 in jamb last year’s please I want over 200 in this years.

  2. Himmm, that is true! Some are so happy while some are not. Jamb became something to our life in that world. We have nothing to do except praying for a good score. I’m a new entering to the world of jamb candidate. This is my first time to jamb, that I wish to apply for.

  3. Hhhhhhhh, What of me I writing my jamb examination on 2018 the school that I was apply their need 160 on that time but my score is 156 but now i was apply it again insha allahu…..

  4. We ve nothing to talk about jamb, but all the best for all the candidate that apply jamb. My major problem is the school I use to apply anytime I site for jamb god help me to pass the exam but unfortunately the school I use to apply furk me up. But I pray this time around god ll help us through. Fulaia all the way

  5. Pls i want past question of the following subjects literature in English, English language, government and I R S

  6. I need jamb past question and answer, on English, economics, government, civic education and literature


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