The Life Changer Chapter 2: JAMB Novel 2024 PDF & Summary


This page contains JAMB Novel 2024 The Life Changer Chapter 2, the novel contains 9 chapters, in one of the previously published article of Edustuff we’ve made the chapter 1 of The Life Changer available.The Life Changer Chapter 2: JAMB Novel 2024 PDF & Summary

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The Life Changer Chapter 2

It was a bright sunny day and all the people of Lafayette were happy that their daughter, Ummni, was going to the university. That was more than twenty years ago. My father agreed on the condition that I got married before I graduated.
That was another story. My husband, your father, agreed we should Mary even before I went for my registration So for me and members of the community it was double Celebration of sorts.

I didn’t know how right my husband was until I set foot into the university. The first thing that struck me was the carefree attitude of the people there.
Everybody was going about their business without apparent care in the world. What was even more striking was that it was difficult to tell who was a student and who was teacher I mean, in my secondary school we all had uniforms as students. Only the teachers were allowed to come in their private dresses.

“Wait, mum. You mean | would not be required to wear uniforms again.”

“Sadly, not for you, my learned fnend You people at the Faculty of Law have what they call dress code which comprises black trousers, white shirts and black neckties for boys and ditto for girls except that in place of trousers, the girls wear skirts But even that is during classes only.”

“It is not so bad aftrrall.”

“No, it isnt. And, really, it makes you kind of stand out of the crowd. It makes you special in a sense,”

“Then what happened, mummy?” Jamila asked.

“What happened where?”

“A ficryou noticed that students and staff were not dressed differently.”

“My dear Jamila, I didn’t say they were not dressed differently. I said the students were not required to wear uniforms. As for difference in dressing, that was one of the first things you would notice. And, Omar, you’d better pay attention here. The way the girls in the university dress leaves very little to the imagination.”

“What does that mean,” Bint asked.

“It means they dress almost naked.”

“This is very serious, mum. And the university allows that? In my school for just wearing the wrong colour of sandals you would be sent home.”

“Bint, your school is a primary school now. You cannot compare it to the university.”

“I know Bint is wondering discipline and decency should be permanent aspects of human character. They should not be limited to a certain level of category of schooling,” Omar said.

“This interruption would not help us, children. | thought I was telling you about my reaction to this freedom of dressing when I first entered the university No more interference, please Let me tell you guys our experience with Salma.”

Salma was a fair complexioned girl, tall, slim and rather busty. That last ‘was obvious to see even to some of us who were recently married. The tight-fitting clothes she wore made you wonder how long it took her to wiggle herself into them.

She had on very dark sunshades which accentuated her formidable appearance. The young men around were openly ogling her while the few of us ladies belonging to the old school even then, pretended not to notice her.

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