How To Answer Synonyms and Antonyms in JAMB, WAEC and NECO Questions 2024


Synonyms and Antonyms are two topics which seems very hard for many, Edustuff will show you how to answer synonyms and antonyms in JAMB, WAEC, and NECO because the moment students see questions on them in JAMB or WAEC and NECO they become confused because of many other words in the options which has nearly/ almost the same meaning with each other and choosing the wrong answers will lead to reduction in Marks.How To Answer Synonyms and Antonyms In JAMB, WAEC and NECO

Below are few tips on Synonyms and Antonyms and how to answer similar questions on them in JAMB, WAEC and NECO.

What exactly are Synonyms and Antonyms


Synonyms are words that mean about the same thing as another word-for-often used words. This means, they are words which can stand for or replace another word or used as substitute in a line of sentences without changing the meaning of that sentence.

As Candidates, when choosing a word to replace a synonym, you should choose options that won’t change the meaning of the sentence but that which exactly correlate with the given word.

How To Answer Synonyms and Antonyms In JAMB, WAEC and NECO

Read the questions properly

You’ve to read the questions properly, if you don’t read it properly that will give you an automatic ticket to choose the wrong answer from the options provided.

Make sure You understand the question

Synonyms and antonyms can be confusing, so if you don’t read and understand the questions very well then you’ll not be able to provide the correct answer.

Remove the words that are odd

I can call this a tip you should always use when answering synonyms and antonyms most especially in JAMB, sometimes most of the options provided will look the same, it can cause confusion, so you need to pick out the odd options.
E.g. Cat, Dog, Tiger, Lion — if you’re to pick out the odd ones, you’ll pick Tiger and Lion, they’re far different from Cat and Dog.

Know the meaning of the words

If you know the meaning of the words used in the question and options then you’ll have no problem in choosing the right answers, so you’ve to be friendly with your dictionary.

Pick the words that matches the question

This is one processing in different way like the guide in No.3, pick the words that matches with the targeted word in the sentence and choose the most appropriate ones.


1. Some student ‘mimic’ their teacher (a) imitate (b) mime (c) teased.

To ‘mimic’ means to imitate or copy an action someone else is doing. The correct answer is (a) imitate because it doesn’t change the meaning of the sentence when used as substitute.

2. He is very ‘Modest’ in his demands (a) Honest (b) Bogus (c) Extravagant (d) Humble.

To be ‘modest’ means Unassuming in the estimation of one’s ability or achievement. The answer is (d) Humble which can otherwise show that he didn’t put himself high in demand, he was prudent.

3. Everybody complained of a ‘Lean’ harvest Last year (a) Surplus (b) Abundant (c) Poor (d)Thin.

To be lean means not having great amount of flesh. The synonym is Thin but because of the Contextual use of the word in the sentence relating to an
Agriculture, the correct answer is (c) Poor. A farmer can either have surplus harvest or poor harvest.

4. The patient ‘Disregarded’ the advice of the Doctor (a) Ignored (b) Disobeyed (c) Undertaken (d) Respected.
To disregard means to pay no attention, to ignore or pay less attentiveness. The correct answer is option (a) Ignored.

5. Statement are ‘Revered’ for their objectivity (a)Refered (b) Respected (c) Remembered (d) Rejected
To Revere means to put something or someone above others, to honor. To Revere is to feel deep respect or admiration for something. The answer is option (b) Respected.


Antonyms are Words opposite in meaning. e.g. Good- Bad, Bright — Dull, Thrifty — Extravagant, e.t.c.


1. Ojo’s response ‘Infuriated’ his wife (a) Annoyed (b) Pleased (c) Surprised (d) Confused
To infuriate means to make someone furious and impatient. The answer which best oppose the word is option (a) Pleased, it means to make someone happy.

2. He accepted a ‘Mundane’ task without hesitation (a) Great (b) Lowly (c) Manial (d) Moderate
Mundane means lacking interest in a way, to look ordinary. Option (a) Great is the right answer because great show something of interest.

3. Okoro is an ‘Amateur’ wrestler (a) Skillful (b) Good (c) Professional (d) Strong .
Amateur is learner, someone who is still under training in a particular field or skill. The opposite word is (c) Professional, a professional is someone who has undergone series of training and is an expert at that skill.

4. These two books are ‘Identical’ (a) Alike (b) Similar (c) Different (d) Equal.
When something is identical it means they look the same, alike. The opposite word from the option is (c) Different, because it means they do not resemble.

5. The Economic situation in the World is obviously ‘Gloomy’ (a) Encouraging (b) Moody (c) Unknown (d) Regrettable.
When something is said to be Gloomy it means it’s dull, not encouraging or exciting. The opposing word from the option is (a)Encouraging because it shows that the Economic situation is satisfactory.

NOTE: Unlike Synonyms which are words that are used to replace one for another, Antonyms are words whose meaning are opposite to those of the word Defined.

Now I know you’ve understood how to answer synonyms and antonyms in JAMB with the other examinations own like WAEC and NECO.

I hope you enjoy this JAMB class or JAMB tutorial, even though it also have something to do with WAEC and NECO too, if you do then don’t hesitate to like, share this article using any of the social media buttons and lastly don’t forget to drop a comment even if it is just a ‘Thank You.’

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