JAMB 2022: 6 Things That Causes Failure In UTME

This article will show you 6 Things That Causes Failure In UTME, JAMB is around the corner and students are running up and down looking for how to pass.

I’ve written many articles on JAMB, including the 12 ways to pass JAMB 2022.Things that cause failure in utme

But wait; why would you fail JAMB after serious preparations? You have no reason to fail! BUT there are mistakes some candidates do make.

6 Things That Causes Failure In UTME

1.) You rely too much on JAMB past questions

Past questions are good for practice, but it is more important to read your test books for knowledge before solving past questions. This will enable you to know why A, B, C, OR D is correct when your JAMB questions’ solution provider is wrong. Study your textbook before going through past questions

Note: If you are a victim of the above mistake, take your time to glance through your test books before your exam date since JAMB doesn’t need you to read them in detail.

2.) Overconfidence

The simplest question is sometimes the most difficult; please take note of it. Don’t rush to choose the answer; check other options before choosing the final answer because you may be tricked. E.g

Find the reciprocal of 1/2 + 3/4 A .5/4 B. 4/3 C. 3/5 D. 4/5 ANS ( D )

3.) Time To kill (Time Management)

According to I MasterMind, I call something “A time to kill” you should guess what that is. Many students do waste time on some questions or subjects at the expense of others. If your brain can’t process how to attempt a question in 5-10 seconds, don’t waste your time; move to another question.

4.) Unnecessary fear and tension 

It is normal to fear, but it shouldn’t make you lose your confidence. The greatest prison we live in is Fear.

The time on your computer screen is for YOU, not for JAMB.

So use it completely. Leaving the examination hall early doesn’t mean you are the best student, so don’t waste the time you can use to correct errors on empty pride.

If you want to know how luxurious one mark is, ask someone who scored 199 in JAMB and needs to meet a cut-off mark of 200.

5.) Avoid being late to the examination hall

Getting early to the examination hall gives you chance to relax and calm yourself in preparation for the exam. Don’t be in a hurry because it may increase your tension. Also, always expect unexpected; you don’t which delay may ensue on your way to your center, so go or travel on time to the town of your examination.

6.) You are too confident of EXPO!

Don’t let expo masters deceive you. If you are given A, B, C, D as expo before you enter CBT hall; it is a lie, don’t be deceived. CBT selects questions randomly.

No one knows the orders of your question. Beware of scammers out there telling you about JAMB EXPO, they will convince you with many things and you might end up falling for it, but remember I warned you about it.

Thanks for reading.

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