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Ways To Answer WAEC Questions 2022 And Pass

How To Answer WAEC Questions
How to Answer WAEC Questions

A large number of WAEC candidates do not know how to correctly answer WAEC questions; they may have right answers to the questions, but their lack of understanding in answering them can result in failure.

So in this article I will discuss how you can answer WAEC questions, I will put in different categories, we have the Objective part and the essay part in WAEC, and I will explain to you in detail how to answer WAEC questions correctly under each of them.



Use a pencil to shade answers

Shade your answer very well with a pencil, avoid using a pen and don’t try to tick it, shade it very well so that the examiner won’t have a problem marking your script.

Don’t Waste Time On One Objective question

If you find it difficult to answer a particular question move to another one, it is possible that another question can help you in getting an answer to it.

Read The Questions Carefully

You don’t have to rush, read the questions carefully so you will find the correct answer quickly, if you’re not calm, you can choose the wrong answer.

Note “except” and “not”

Be careful with these two words in your objective questions it can trick you into choosing a wrong answer, it is always in WAEC’s objective.

Answer Objective First.

This is because objective might help you in getting an answer to some theory questions, so you need to do that first


In this aspect of WAEC question, you must be very conversant with your writing, spelling, and punctuation marks because this aspect deals with writing to answer questions.

How To Answer WAEC Essay Questions Correctly

Select the questions easy for you to answer

You’ve to be careful in this aspect, if you’re not you’ll lose a lot of Mark in your WAEC.

You’ve to select and take note of the questions you’ll give answers to before you jump to answering any question. It will stop you from answering questions you can’t finish.

Do not Write In The Margin

Your mark can be deducted if you within the margin line

Follow The Instruction

For example, if the essay part has six (6) questions, the instruction can ask you to answer only 3, please don’t “overdo” don’t pick more than three (3) questions.

Don’t beat around the bush

Your answers have to be straightforward, examiners can get angry if you’re just writing answers without any point.

It is better to write short things with good and direct points than to give a lot of answers that fill the page with no point.

Understand The Questions

Sometimes WAEC questions can be confusing, so instead of getting excited that you have an answer to the question you must confirm if you have an answer to it, don’t let Grammar confuse you, you’ve to be calm and understand what the question is talking about about about about.

Take note of these words

  • LIST
  • List and Explain
  • Differentiate
  • Highlight
  • The aid of a diagram
  • Explain
  • Briefly Explain

You would have come across these terms in your normal school examination, but you might have been answering the questions wrongly, your teacher might not tell you.

Let’s dive into it so you can understand them.


When you’re asked to list something in WAEC question or even in any examination, you must do nothing more than listing, many candidates are not always careful, they would go the extra mile by explaining which is wrong if you do so can affect your score.

For example List 3 means of communication

Your answer should be;

1. Telephone
2. Internet
3. Fax

Don’t try to explain to them if you’re not asked to do so.

List and Explain

Nothing much to say on this again, if you’re asked to list and explain in WAEC just list and then explain those things you’ve listed one after the other.


In this aspect you might be asked to differentiate between two things, so you’ve to be careful in this aspect of WAEC question.

It is either you first talk about the first thing in one paragraph and move to the second paragraph to differentiate it will the other.

You can also draw a vertical line putting each term in each line.


The highlight is just like another version of saying briefly explain, so don’t get confused.

Aide of diagram

How To Answer WAEC Questions 2020 And Pass

In this aspect, you don’t need serious writing all you’re told to do is to use a diagram to explain.

A diagram can be a pie chart, pictogram, or bar chart, the aid of a diagram is common in Biology or Mathematics.


You’ve to give full details of something whenever you’re asked to explain in detail and it must contain the main point of what that thing is all about.


You can see the difference between Explain and briefly explain, you should know what brief means, you must go straight to the point, a simple and quick explanation.

You can also read on how to pass WAEC, we’ve written an article on it.


I hope you learnt a lot from this post and now know how to answer WAEC questions correctly and quickly. You should be aware of these points because they are the reason for many candidates’ failure in WAEC.

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