NECO Biology Practical Specimen 2023 Free Questions & Answers Expo


See the NECO Biology Practical Specimen for 2023 examination, the National Examination Council scheduled NECO Biology Practical to Monday 11th July, Paper I: Practical – Biology 10:00am – 11:30am.NECO Biology Practical Specimen 2023

NECO Biology Practical Specimen 2023

NECO Biology Practical
NECO Biology Practical 2023

Specimen A – Land Snail

Specimen B – Toad

Specimen C – Spider

Specimen D – Crayfish

Specimen E – Spirogyra Filaments

Specimen F – mucor/Rhizopus

Specimen G – Groundnut Seeding (A week old)

Specimen H – Maize Seedling (A week old)

Specimen I – Microscope

Specimen J – Slide (plain)

Specimen K – Pigeon

Specimen L – Agama Lizard

Specimen M – Rat

Specimen N – Tilapia

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NECO Biology Practical 2023 Questions and Answers

E: Spirogyra filaments.
F: Mucor/Rhizopus.
G: Groundnut seedling (A week old).
H: Maize seedling (A week old).
I: Microscope.
J: Slide (plain).

E habitat: Freshwater.
F habitat: Damp and decaying organic matter.

E mode of nutrition: Autotrophic (photosynthesis).
F mode of nutrition: Saprophytic (absorbing nutrients from dead organic matter).

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