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NECO Biology Practical 2021 Answers: Get NECO Biology 2021 Practical answers and specimen for 22nd July, 2021 Paper I: Practical – Biology Practical 10:00am – 11:30am.NECO Biology Practical 2021 Answers

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NECO Biology Practical 2021 Answers

A- Atlas Vertebra
B- Thoracic Vertebra
C- Scapula
D- Lumbar Vertebra

A- Neck Region.
B- Chest Region.
C- Shoulder Region.
D- Upper Abdomen.

Under Specimen A
(1) It has short neural Spine.
(2) Vertebrabaterial Canal is Present.

Under Specimen D
(1) It has ….

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NECO Biology Practical 2021 Specimen Questions and Answers

A – Atlas Vertebra

B – Thoracic Vertebra

C – Scapula

D – Lumbar Vertebra

E – Pooter

F – Sweep Net

G – Tridax Fruit

H – Tad Pole

I – Spirogyra (filament)

J – okro Fruit

K – Mango Fruit

L – Tick

M – Bean Weevil

N – Cactus Plant

O – Water Lettuce

P – Soldier Termite (Mandibulate)

NECO 2021 Biology Practical Questions & Answers 

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