How to Unlock NFT Collection Launch on Hamster Kombat Margin Trading


Are you trying to Unlock NFT Collection Launch to get the Hamster Kombat Daily chipper combo for 28 of June, 2024? Some of hamster Kombat players are finding it difficult to unlock their last combo card.How to Unlock NFT Collection Launch Margin Trading x100

In this post, you’ll get to know how to unlock the last combo card which is the NFT Collection Launch.

The three Hamster Kombat Daily Combo for the 28th are:

  • Premarket Launch
  • License Ethiopia
  • NFT collection launch

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How to Unlock NFT Collection Launch Margin Trading x100

To unlock the NFT Collection Launch, upgrade margin trading x100 to level 10.

To start with, to upgrade your first margin trading level, you’ve to unlock your shit coin and unlock your margin trading x10 as seen in the screenshot belowUnlock NFT Collection Launch Margin Trading x100

Follow same process to unlock your margin trading x20, x30, x50, x75 till x100 respectively and upgrade it to level 10.

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If you follow the procedure above, you’ll successfully unlock your Hamster Kombat NFT Collection Launch combo card and claim your 5 million daily combo coins.

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