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WAEC 2020 Tutorials on Mathematics

1st Topic: Progression

I will start of by explaining in details what progression is, types of progression and our main deal.


It is a sequence derived by adding or multiplying each term by a constant.


1. Linear sequence or arithmetic progression
2. Exponential sequence or geometric progression.

Now I will start of by explaining what those two means.

Arithmetic Progression is the addition or substraction of a constant number in a proceeding term to get another term. The constant is known as the common difference (d)

Geometric Progression

The nth term is ar^n-1 where a is the first term, r is the common ratio and n is the number of terms.

Let us get to our main deal

Arithmetic progression

They are groups of number that has a first term (a), Last term and a common difference between them
The first term of an Ap is represented by a… The common difference which is constant is represented by “d”
First term – T1
Second term – T2
Third term-T3
Last term – TN
So to get the common difference…
Just subtract any of the term.. Either T2 – T1 or T3-T2 or T4-T3

So that’s how to get the common difference

The first term is the first number of the progression.

1. Find the common difference of the Ap, 2, 6,10,14,16,20?

Yes you are correct…
That’s T2-T1 =T3-T2….
6-2= 10-6
4=4 ☑️

So the common difference is 4.

2. Find the 20th term of the Ap 2,6,10,14,18?

One thing about calculation is that you have to state all your values first….

The first number there is 2,it means 2 is the First term(a)..
The common difference can be gotten by T2-T1 = T3-T2
6-2= 10-6
So common difference(d) = 4

So to get the 20th term
TN = a + (n-1)d
That’s the formula..
TN=/number of terms to be found…
a= first term
d=common difference

TN = 2 + (20-1) 4
Tn = 2 + 19×4
Tn = 2 +76
Tn =78…
So 78 is the 20th term

3. An Ap first term is 4 and the common difference is 5,find the 25th term?


5. The 16th term of an Ap is 75 while the first term is 5,find the common difference

Okay, let me try it too.. And note…
Ap can be negative.. Positive and also mixed fractions too..

It can come in any shape.. Even decimals numbers..

T16 = a + (n-1)d
75 = a + (16-1)d
75 = 5+ 15d
75 – 5 =15d
d= 14/3 ☑️

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2nd  Topic: Logarithm

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