9 Most Lucrative Law Fields or Highest paying Legal Practice Areas


Best or Highest Paying Law Areas / Fields 

As a law student, it is important for you to know the highest paying or the most lucrative law fields, this article will help you with that.9 Most Lucrative Law Fields or Highest paying Legal Practice Areas

Law is a body of Rules, Regulations and Principle which determine how an Organization or Country should be governed.

The study of Law is therefore, the Academic knowledge a person derives from an Institution that teaches students the Laws and Regulations of a Country. A graduate of Law is called a Lawyer or Barrister with an award of LLB.

These Laws is all pilled up and are documented in a book called Constitution. Every Country has Laws and Principles and each County’s Law vary from each other.

How Many Years Is Law Course In Nigeria University?

In Nigeria, the academic study of Law is seven years (7yrs). That is five years (5yrs) in University, one year (1yr) in Law school and then a call to Bar.

How Much Do Lawyers Make?

Generally, the national average annual wage of a lawyer is $144,230.

How Much Do Lawyers Earn In Nigeria?

The answer to this is not straight, which means it depends. According to a proper research by Edustuff, a lawyer in Nigeria who works for a law firm or a company can earn up to N50,000 monthly.

An Attorney in Nigeria typically earns around 653,000 NGN per month and lawyers in Nigeria can earn up to N1,000,000 by signing a contract with a company in a court case, so it all depends.

It is however pathetic that must Students who decide to study in Universities have low knowledge about the course of study before going into it.

There are different types of Lawyer, different fields of Law and most Lucrative Law field.

When talking about Law field, it means different areas of Law. Law is a very wide course and a person can’t study everything under the law field.

After the higher institution, a law student goes to law school and here he/she chooses a particular area or fields of Law to center on. Whatever field the person choose is what the person can be called to work for.

Types of Law Fields

  • Marine law
  • Banking and finance law
  • Civil rights law
  • Animal Law
  • Admiralty Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Education Law
  • Family law
  • Environmental law
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Business/Cooperate law….etc.

A person who study the Field of Business Law can only be called to fight cases that deals with Business issues.

Below are the most Lucrative Law field; Highest paying Legal practice

Most times, students who often study Law venture into other areas of life to make money. This might be because the law Fields he/she chose might not be paying well or as a result of absence of regular clients.

Most Lucrative Law Fields or Highest Paying Legal Practice Areas

Here are some Lucrative Law field;

1. Intellectual property lawyer: In this field, a lawyer is called to cases that deals with property. The lawyer fights for the copyright of the person’s property.

2. Trial lawyers: These lawyers deals with the field of criminal Law. It will a very stressful job because it has to deal with trials and argument in the Court, but it’s also a well paid field.

3: Cooperate law: These lawyers fights for big organization who might have one issue or the other.

4. Medical Lawyer: Clients who feel that the hospital they went to didn’t satisfy them or because of the death of someone due to mishandling can drag such a hospital to court.

5. Tax lawyer: These lawyers represent an organization who issues of tax payment with the government.

6. Real Estate lawyer: The fight cases that deals with estate management.

7. Family law: The center most on areas that involves family matters. They also fight for divorce cases.

8. Immigration lawyer: They fight for clients who might have problem with immigration.

9. Civil rights lawyers: These are lawyers that fights for the right of citizens who might have felt cheated in any way.

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