JAMB Marking Scheme 2024: Check JAMB Grading System Now


JAMB Marking Scheme 2024

JAMB Marking Scheme 2024 | Check JAMB Grading System Now
How JAMB Score Is Calculate | JAMB Marking Scheme

JAMB Marking Scheme: This article will clearly explain the JAMB grading system for those who have been asking how JAMB score is calculated.

We’ve got few requests from Edustuff Fans and we also think it will be good for you to know how JAMB will mark 2024 UTME for all subjects.

What Is the Total Score for JAMB?

The JAMB overall/total score for UTME is 400

How Many Questions Are In JAMB?

There is a total number of 180 questions in JAMB, 60 questions in Use of English, and the other three subjects are 40 questions each.

How JAMB Score Is Calculated

Each subject in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) total score is 100, Total Score in a subject/Total number of questions × 100 = Score in each subject.

I know you’ll want to know the breakdown of how each subject is marked, continue reading.

How will JAMB Mark 2024 exam?

To know how JAMB will mark the 2024 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), read the breakdown below.

JAMB Marking Scheme for Use of English


  • Comprehension/Summary
    Comprehension passages questions – 3 marks each
  • Close passage questions – 2 marks each
  • JAMB Novel (The Life Changer) questions – 1 mark each

SECTION B: Lexis and Structure

  • Sentence interpretation questions – 2 marks each
  • Antonyms questions – 2 marks each
  • Synonyms questions – 1 mark each
  • Sentence completion questions – 1 mark each

SECTION C: Test of Oral

  • Oral questions – 1 mark each

Using the marking scheme above, out of the 60 JAMB Use of English questions, if you scored 30, your mark will be 30/60 × 100 = 50.

How Many Questions are in JAMB Use of English?

SECTION A: Comprehension/Summary

(a) 1 comprehension passage – 5 questions
(b) I cloze passage – 10 questions
(c) 1 reading text – 10 questions

SECTION B: Lexis and Structure

(a) Sentence interpretation – 5 questions
(b) Antonyms – 5 questions
(c) Synonyms – 5questions
(d) Sentence completion – 10 questions

SECTION C: Oral Forms – 10 questions

Total: 60 questions

How JAMB Marks Other Three Subjects

Each of the questions in the remaining 3 subjects is graded 2.5 marks. So the three subjects carry 300 marks.

Each of the three other subjects will be 100 if marked 2.5.

For example: If you score 28 over 40 in each of Biology the calculation will be 28 x 2.5 = 70% (in percentage).

If you have 30 in Physics and Mathematics it’ll be 30 × 2.5 = 75

So let’s add it all: 50 + 70 + 75 + 75 = That’s 270 over 400.

How To Check JAMB Result 2024

To check your JAMB result for 2021 kindly follow the recommended article | Recommended: JAMB Result 2024 | Check Your JAMB Score Now Free

I hope this helps, thanks for reading, Edustuff wishes you all success.

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