The Life Changer Questions and Answers Chapter 6 (Six) JAMB Novel 2024


The Life Changer JAMB Novel: This page contains the likely or possible The Life Changer Questions and Answers Chapter 6 (Six), the Novel is the approved recommended text for JAMB 2024.The Life Changer Questions and Answers Chapter 6 (Six) | JAMB Novel 2024

The Life Changer Questions and Answers Chapter 6 (Six): JAMB Novel 2024

1. Which course was Salma’s last paper of the semester? Salma’s last paper during her final year exams was Moral Philosophy.

2. What is student magic? Student magic is a method which students secretly use to communicate during exams without moving thier lips.

3. Why was Moral Philosophy said to be a very easy exam? Moral philosophy comprises of things that were often taught at religious centres from childhood.

4. Why did Salma find Moral Philosophy difficult? Satma’s wasn’t good at Moral philosophy because she never attended the class.

5. Why was Salma confident that she will pass the Moral Philosophy exam? Salma believed she will pass the moral philosophy exam because the lecturer often sets the same questions each time and she had the answers to the frequently asked questions.

6. Why was Salma shocked when she saw the exam question papers? Salma was surprised to find out that none of the questions she was expecting was set. Unfortunately for Salma, the lecturer didn’t repeat his questions this time.

7. Who is Kolawole Abdul? Kolawole Abdul was the guy who sat next to Salma during her final exams. He is a very intelligent student.

8. Why did the female invigilator instantly dislike Salma? The female invigilator didn’t like Salma’s seductive dressing. for this reason she dislike Salma the moment she laid eyes on her.

9. Who did Salma reach out to for help during the Moral Philosophy exams? Salma used “student magic” to communicate with Kola. Who later passed her anote containing answers to some questions.

10. What did the invigilator do when she caught Salma cheating? The invigilator asked Salma to fill the Examination Malpractice Form aka EMAL and asked Kola to sign as a witness.

11. At what level was Salma in the university when she was caught cheating in an exam? Salma was caught cheating in her final year in the university while writing her last paper of the semester.

12. How many students went to the HOD’s office after the exams? Three students went to the HOD office. Salma, Kola, and the other student who also signed the witness form.

13. What was the committees decision regarding Kolawole and Salma? Salma was found guilty of examination malpractice and was expelled. Unfortunately she also implicated Kolawole Abdul and he too was expelled from the university. Thanks for reading, for more CLICK.

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