JAMB Chemistry Repeated Questions and Answers 2024 Likely Questions


JAMB Chemistry Repeated Questions and Answers: The JAMB Chemistry Likely repeated questions will help you to know how Jamb sets it’s questions and it will increase your chance in scoring high in JAMB.JAMB Chemistry Repeated Questions and Answers 2024 | Likely Questions

JAMB is likely to repeat questions, that is why the past questions and answers are important, so Edustuff decided to compile you some randomly selected JAMB Chemistry repeated questions.

Check some randomly repeated questions seen when writing Chemistry in JAMB.

Likely JAMB Chemistry Repeated Questions and Answers 2024

You’ll answer 40 Chemistry questions in Jamb if it is one of your selected subjects.

1. What is the shape of a molecule of CCl4?

A. Pyramid

B. tetrahedral

C. Trigonal planar

D. linear

ANSWER: B (Tetrahedral)

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2. A sample of gas with an initial volume of 2.5 dm3 is heated and then allowed to expand to 7.5 dm3 at constant at pressure. What is the ratio of the final temperature of the initial absolute temperature?

A. 3:1

B. 1:3

C. 2:5

D. 5:2

ANSWER: A (3:1)

3. 6g of Mg was to 100cm3 of 1 moldm3 H2 SO4 . What mass of Mg remained undissolved? (Mg = 24)

A. 0.24g

B. 2.4g

C. 3.6g

D. 0.36g

ANSWER: C (3.6)

4. Which of the following will act as both oxidizing agents and reducing agents?

A. H2 S

B. NH3

C. Cl2

D. SO2


5. A metal which can be used as sacrificial anode for preventing corrosion of length of iron pipe is

A. copper

B. magnesium

C. silver

D. lead

ANSWER: C (Silver)

6. Which of the following increases as boiling water changes to steam?

A. Temperature of the system

B. degree of disorder of the system

C. number of molecule

D. Activation energy

ANSWER: B (Degree of disorder of the system)

7. Which of the following is stable to heat


B. ( NH4 )2 SO4

C. Ag NH3

D. K2 CO3

ANSWER: D ( K2 CO3 )

8. Which of the following will precipitate in dil. HCl

A. ZnS

B. Na2 S

C. Fe S

D. CuS


9. Which of the following does NOT contain aluminum as a component?

A. Over-head cables

B. Duralumin

C. Container for caustic soda

D. Container for trioxonitrate (v) acid

ANSWER: C (Container for caustic soda)

10. The removal of rust from iron by treatment with tetraoxosulphate (vi) acid is based on the

A. Hydrolysis of the iron

B. Reaction of acid with base

C. Oxidation of the rust

D. Dehydration of the iron

ANSWER: D ( Dehydration of the iron )

11. The bond between silicon and germanium is – Answer is covalent (2013, 2011 UTME)

12. The energy of a photon having a wavelength of 10-10m is – in this case they may change the value of the wavelength in another year

13. If a sonometer has a fundamental frequency of 450Hz, what is the frequency of the fifth overtone?

1 4. A bullet fired vertically upward from a gun held 2.0m above the ground reaches its maximum height in 4.0 s. calculate its initial velocity.

15. There is a large temperature interval between the melting point and the boiling point of metal because:

A. metals have a very high melting point

B. metals conduct heat very rapidly

C. melting does not break the metallic bond but boiling does

D. the crystal lattice of metal is easily broken

ANSWER: A ( metals have very high melting point)

16. Copper (II) tetraoxosulphate (IV) is widely used as

A. fertilizer

B. fungicide

C. Disinfectant

D. purifier

ANSWER: B ( fungicide)

17. Which of the following substances is not a homogeneous mixture?

A. filtered sea water

B. soft drinks

C. flood water

D. writing ink

ANSWER: C ( floodwater)

18. Ethene, when passed into concentrated H2SO4, is rapidly absorbed. The product is diluted with water and then warmed to produce

A. Ethanol

B. diethyl ether

C. ethanal

D. diethyl sulphate

ANSWER: A ( Ethanol)

19. A certain liquid has a high boiling point. It is viscous, non-toxic, and miscible with water to be hygroscopic; this liquid most likely to be






20. Which of the following statement is TRUE of the complete hydrolysis of a glyceride by sodium hydroxide?

A. 3 moles of NaOH are required for each mole of glyceride

B. 3 moles of glycerol are produced

C. only one mole of soap is formed

D. concentrated H2SO4 is essential for the completion of the reaction.

21. An element used in the production of matches is

Ans: Sulphur

22.Which of these alloys contains copper?

Ans: Bronze

23. If the molecular mass of tetraoxosulphate (VI) acid is 98, calculate its vapour density.

Ans: 49

24. The situation obtained when a perfect gas expands into a vacuum is

Ans: ΔH is zero and T Δ S is positive

25. The knowledge of half-life can be used to

Ans: Split an element

26. The hydrogen ion concentration of a sample of orange juice is 2.0 X 1011 mol/dm-3. What is its pOH? [log102 = 0.3010]

Ans: 10.70

27. The presence of ammonia gas in a desiccator can exclusively be removed by

Ans: concentrated tetraoxosulphate (VI) acid

28. The refreshing and characteristic taste of soda water and other soft drinks is as a result of the presence of

Ans: Carbon(iv)oxide

29. Which of the following is used to power steam engines?

Ans: Coal

30. The periodic classification is an arrangement of the elements

Ans: Atomic Number

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