Polytechnic Or University which Is The Best ?



     Polytechnic Or University which Is The Best ?

 Polytechnic Or University which is the best ?
      Higher education institution include not only university and colleges but also various professional schools that provide preparation in field such as Theology, Medicine, Business, Music and Art.
        A polytechnic is an institution of tertiary Education i.e University or College that specializes in various field like Engineering, Technology,Appled Science and Natural Science. University on the other hand is a higher institution which award degrees in various academic discipline.
             Differences between a polytechnic and University
  1.       Although both are institution of learning but they differ.
A graduate of polytechnic is liable to hold a Certificate of OND(Ordinary National Diploma) or HND (Higher National Diploma). Two years course study to attain an OND certificate and another two years study to attain an HND. An OND holder will have to take an Organised Entrance Test and Interview or Screening before he can further for HND.
On the other hand, University is just straight forward. No need for Interview from one level to another.
2.          Polytechnic offer certificate in Diploma i.e HND and OND while University offer Certificate in Bsc, Mc(For medical student),BSN(in Nursing),LLB(in Law).
3.      The curriculum for both polytechnic and University are different.
4.       Polytechnic is intense and highly technical but also rewarding while University offer courses like Maths and English which are theoretical.
Similarities between polytechnic and University
 1.        Although most polytechnic are school of Science and technology, their are some who offer  the same courses as that of university like Fine art,a Accounting Film and Theater Art. E.g Rufus Giwa polytechnic Owo.
2.      Both are institution and have part time programs and one can go for NYSC after finishing.
3.       Both have requirements in terms of SSCE
            Advantages of polytechnic over the university
 1.      It is cheaper and JAMB cut off Mark is Lower.
2.      It is more practical and technical in aspects that it carries out more of laboratory experiments than university do.
3.      Polytechnic students gain more knowledge from working professional not just reading textbooks.
4.      The total number of years of study in Polytechnic is 5-6 yrs .Two years in OND ,1-2yrs in IT and two years in HND after which one can go for NYSC.
1. A graduate of polytechnic can’t attain the level of a Professional.
2. The process of attaining HND is Tactical.
3.        It is difficult for an HND holder to go for Master Degree programmes.
4.      HND holder has no much value in Nigeria.
5.       Polytechnic are not up to standard in terms of infastructure, curriculum and standard Lectures.
           Advantages of university over a polytechnic
1.      A graduate of university can attain the level of a Professor with PhD and master degrees.
2.       Graduate in university can become Lectures in university.
3.       University enable students to attain an Enterprenuer mindset and also achieve cognitive skills.
4 .         The certificate creates more better job opportunities and help one to have new life experiences.
 1.     It is costly and entry sometimes needs connection. The JAMB and post UTME requirements is Tactical.
2.       It is not very practical and students do more of reading big books than laboratory experiments.
3.       It leads to competition among students who focus on other aspects of life than their Education and also intimidation by lectures.
          Above all, school is school,we shouldn’t make polytechnic graduates feel inadequate for better job opportunities. They should be treated well by giving HND holder better jobs.
NOTE: University is not for everyone. Love your program because it is an actual university degree. If u have the chance of going to the polytechnic take it as a Golden opportunity to pursue your dreams.
 Polytechnic is not for Dummies, this archaic perception shouldn’t be our MENTALITY


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