7 Mistakes every JAMB candidates should avoid in 2024 UTME


Many JAMB candidates makes these set of mistakes every year, Edustuff will show you mistakes every JAMB candidates should avoid in 2024, these mistakes can cause low JAMB score or failure to secure admission into any tertiary institutions.Mistakes every JAMB candidates should avoid in 2024

7 Mistakes every JAMB candidates should avoid

  •  Registration problems 
  •  Error by candidate on personal information(data) 
  •  Wrong subject combination for a particular coursecourse
  •  Little or no preparation at all. 
  •  School choicechoice
  • Not studying with the right materials
  • Timing in the examination hall

1. Registration problems: NIN (National identification number)  has been confirmed as the key to registering for JAMB 20201 instead of the normal biometric verification. Candidates are advised to register in Accredited CBT center. Don’t patronize cybercafes, doing so will only put your year at risk.

You can get your NIN number free at Local government councils and some banks in Nigeria.
 2. Error by candidate on personal information (data): This is the most silly mistakes candidate makes,  some make the mistake of supplying their names wrongly, Some put their surname as first name, some input a wrong age. This should be totally avoided this year.

3. Wrong subject combination : Many students are used to making this mistake because they lack proper guidance and counseling. They chose wrong subject combination for some courses.

I’ve seen a case where someone aspiring for Medicine choose maths instead of biology because of her love for maths. Which should not be, the right subject combination for medical courses should be “English (compulsory), Chemistry, Physics, Biology”. Candidate can check online for their subject combination.

4. Little or no preparation for JAMB : Some candidates are used to reading few days to exam, some don’t even bother to read and believe they will score high.  Start preparation now, Spend at least 8 to 15 hours with your books daily digging into your books and finishing topics, also stay away from your phone or any distractions.
5. Wrong choice of instituions : Some JAMB candidates are so guilty of picking Federal university as second choice which is totally unacceptable. Federal university don’t allow candidate picking them as second choice, only Fouye accept such. So its advisable for you to pick A Federal university as first choice,  a college of education as 3rd choice and any random school as 4th choice.
6. Not studying with the right learning materials: Students are advised to prepare for the upcoming JAMB using the recommended syllabus and textbooks.
JAMB syllabus for all subjects have been provided and also recommended textbooks have been provided. Use the recommended syllabus and textbooks to your advantages.
7 . Timing in the examination hall: Are you also guilty, are you one of the group of candidates that are very slow in the examination hall, JAMB doesn’t test prowess sometimes. Your speed and accuracy is sometimes put to test.
8.  Miscellaneous mistakes : Always remember your Gmail and all necessary passwords, set a goal for this examination, aim for the sky and you may fall among the stars.  Be confident going into the examination hall but not too overconfident to choose wrong answers.
Take your time to read and understand each question, Endeavor to answer all questions. make sure you cross check your answers before submitting,Make sure you are through with all questions before clicking on “submit
If you avoid all the mistakes I’ve listed and explained above here on Edustuff and you follow my advice you won’t have any problem in your JAMB Examination and get a good score.
Thanks for reading. 
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