JAMB Day 2 Questions and Answers, Topics From Candidates


JAMB Day 2 Questions and Answers, Topics From CandidatesJAMB Day 2 Questions and Answers, Topics From Candidates

JAMB Day 2 questions and answers: This is not expo, this article contents are questions shared by some candidates who wrote their UTME on the first day, you can just read through them, pick the topics from the question and read more on it.


JAMB Mathematics Day 2 Topics

Fractions, Angles, Integration, probability, Standard deviation, Mean, Variance, Permutation and Combination, sector, matrices and determinant

1) Polynomials.
2) Inequalities.
3) Matrices and determinants.
4) Progression (AP and GP).
5) Variation.
6) Differentiation and Integration.
7) Coordinate geometry.
8) Trigonometry (Pythagoras theorem).
9) Mensuration.
10) Percentage error.
11) Logarithms.
12) Surds.
13) Sets.
14) Number bases.
15) Permutation.
16) Measures of dispersion.
17) Probability.
18) Representation of data (bar chart).

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JAMB Day 2 Questions & Topics for Economics

1. Questions from:
– Elasticity of demand in perfect competition,
– Long-run and short-run,
– Business organizations(private limited liability companies),
– Calculations on quantity demanded and quantity supplied

1) Malthusian theory of population.

2) Localisation of industries.

3) Elasticities of supply.

4) Incidence of taxation.

5) Theory of demand and supply.

6) Money.

7) Law of variable proportion or diminishing returns.

8) Theory of consumer behaviour (utility).

9) Theory of cost.

10) Market structures.

11) Functions of commercial banks.

12) Benefit of agriculture to Nigeria.

13) Business organisations.

14) Economic growth.

15) Economic systems.

16) Fiscal and monetary policy

17) International trade and international economic organisations.

JAMB Government Questions and Topics for Day 2

1) The military head of state that transformed the creation of three regions into the creation of 12 states is?

2) Who created the first political party NNDP

3) What was the major reason for military intervention in Nigeria’s politics?

4) AU was transformed from?

5) The highest decision making organ in Nigeria is?

6) the highest judicial organ with the exclusive right of settling disputes in Nigeria is?

7) the organ of the UN that provides security is?

8) Some of the topics included:
– Military rule (development of states),
– Creation of political parties (first political party, NNDP),
– Rule of law, about the parliamentary system of government (collective responsibility, vote of no confidence)

JAMB Day 2 Literature Questions and Topics

1) What was the prominent theme in the poem Vanity?

2) The poem crossing the bar signifies?

3) What figure of speech is ‘anxious hour’

4) Why did maami Broni visit Maa Tsuru in faceless

5) Who was the loneliest widow in the lonely days

6) ‘Cap picking’ as used to represent ‘husband picking’ is what figure of speech?

7) The dominant theme in the proud king is?

8) Piano and drums represent?

9)The dominant figure of speech in the proud boy is?

10) The panic of growing older reflects?

11) The dominant theme in the poem ‘dining table’ is?

12) Read:

  • Harvest Of Corruption by Frank ogbodo ogbeche,
  • Native son by Richard Wright,
  • Faceless by Amma Darko
  • Lonely days.

13) Poems also included:
– Vanity, crossing the bar,
– Anvil and hammer,
– Piano and drums,
– Ambush and so on

JAMB Day 2 Principles of Account Topics

1) Stock valuation.

2) Accounts of not-for-profit making organisations.

3) Bank reconciliation statement.

4) Branch accounts (majorly on the accounting entries).

5) Control accounts.

6) Ethics in accounting.

7) Information technology in accounting.

8) Joint venture accounts.

9) Partnership accounts.

10) Public sector accounting.

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You can download the rest in PDF format, check below:

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