JAMB Day 1 Questions and Answers, Topics From some Candidates


JAMB Day 1 Questions and Answers, Topics JAMB Day 1 Questions and Answers, Topics From some Candidates

JAMB Day 1 questions and answers: This is not expo, this article contents are questions shared by some candidates who wrote their UTME on the first day, you can just read through them, pick the topics from the question and read more on it.

The following are questions shared By Some candidates who’ve done their examination, this is not expo, do not memorize.

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Use Of English JAMB Day 1 Questions from some candidates

1. About the first meeting of Ummi with the H.O.D

2. The register was about government and lawmakers stuff

3. Under Synonyms and Antonyms: ferocious, prodigious, lynch, exorbitant

4. The questions from the life-changer were centred around Ummi: What happened during her registration. The event with her HOD and the atmosphere.

5. Questions on stress, emphatic stress, antonyms and synonyms, vowels and consonants, lexis and structure and a comprehension passage

6. We were given a comprehension about group studying

7. We were given a register about arms and tiers of government

8. When Ummi went to the HOD’s office Dr. Samuel Johnson

9. After Ummi used the HOD’S toilet, she felt…

10. When the HOD told Ummi your welcome my dear, Ummi felt…

11, IDIOM: What it means to be ‘dressed to the nine?’

12. IDIOM: what it means to ‘hit the hay’?

13. All the questions came out from Ummi’s meeting with Dr Samuel Johnson

14. Why did Ummi lie to the HOD that she was pressed?

15. Why didn’t Ummi tell the HOD that she was married?

16. Ummi described the way girls dressed in the University as

17. Whom did Salma compare the University lecturers to?

18. In HOD’s Office, why Ummi didn’t sit down until she was asked to

19. How did Ummi feel after using the toilet

20. the HOD commended Ummi’s? 21. Ans pattern of dressing 22. 2. After Ummi used the toilet he felt?

23. Ans. Still uncomfortable and embarrassed

24. 3. Ummi was wearing what in the HOD office?

25. Ans. A decent dress but not on her Hijab… This one was tactful, read carefully all the options

26. The HOD’s salutation Made Ummi? 27. Options A & B are off

28. But options C & D still confusing me till now

29. C. Suspicious

30. D. Discomfit

31. “One does not volunteer for questions unless asks from’ was said by who? Ans Ummi

32. Stress germinate Answer is GERminate 33. refrigerator Answer is reFRIgerator

34. The mother advised her daughter to hit the hay means?

35. The synonym of “chivalrous” Answer is Honorable or respect

Mathematics JAMB Day 1 Questions and Topics from some candidates

1. Matrix, polynomials, integration and differentiation, set, probability, inequalities and statistics

2. Cumulative frequency is drawn ona graph to get the -Answer is media

3. Find the value of x 3*(x-2) + 3*x=4

4. In how many ways can the word MATHEMATICS be arranged

5. Differential calculus

6. Mntegral calculus

7. Mensuration

Literature in English JAMB Day 1 questions

The old novels were used

1. The honest among the options was A. Keri

B. Kpakpo

C. Adade

D. Onko

2. The first child of Kabria was

A. Obea

B. Essie

C. Ottu

3. The dominant device in the pulley is A. Imagery

b. Assonance

C. Alliteration

4. Yaremi was called the unusual woman because

A. She rejected the cap picking

B. Worked hard


A. Stays close to her wife

B. is a polygamists who mistreats his wives C. Owns large cocoa plantation

6. Bigger Thomas killed Mary with

A. Knife

B. Pillow

C. Sickle

D. Spade

7. Who is Peggy

A. Dalton’s maid

B. Mary’s friend

C. Daughter of Dalton

8. Ochuole deceived Alohp due to her

A. Desperation

B. Inconsideration

9. Who are proved to be close friends forever

A. Madam Hoha and Ochuole

B. Fofo and Ogeyi

C. Yabubu and Inaku

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