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What is School For ?

What is school for? I would be really going too deep in this article , many will see the good side while some might think about somewhat a bad side . I go by the name MasterMind . You would be wondering by the title ‘What is School For ? ‘ Thinking , what I’m up to . Just read evey single line .

What is School For ?

First , what is School ? According to Wikipedia , A school is an educational institution designed to provide learning spaces and learning environments for the teaching of students under the direction of teachers.

It was said that a school is an education institute then ;


The word “education” is derived from the Latin word ēducātiō “Educe” (“A breeding, to bring out , a rearing”) .

Quote me “Bringing the gift out of a person.”

What is Education , Wikipedia says : Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits.

Quote the word SKILLS  is school bringing out the skills in it’s students or killing them?

I’ve been there , my days in secondary school I learnt a lot I think  , Pythagoras Theorem , Law of indices , I think those are helping now .

Let me stop telling those lies

School has done more damages . School don’t care about what you know , it only care about how high your grades are , is that too good to be true ?

School has killed the gift , skills of many student all in the name of GRADES .

School ?
How many of you guys  avoid eye contacts with teachers to avoid been called upon , afraid of raising hand to answer questions because of the fear of being wrong ?

This shows that school isn’t an environment for learning or building intellects  .
 It is just a game of Grades and how many A’s you can collect .

See in school we’re controlled by bells , we learn in room , we’ve to ask permission before releasing bodily  functions , where the teachers will ask questions like why didn’t you go before class ?

In school we’re thought to write notes , listen to some short explanation , memorize and cram our notes and put them down during examination and you ended up forgetting them ?
That’s not EDUCATION , that’s BULIMIA .

Real Education teaches you how to catch a fish , 
School Education teaches you : yea you caught the fish but you didn’t show your work so throw that back .

What is school for ?

Some teachers do label some student as dullard but even scientists prove that no two brains are the same , let check this out.

Imagine a doctor prescribing same drug for all patients , what will happen ? TRAGIC!

That also apply to schooling, where teachers teach students with different brain , different gift , different skills the same way and expecting them to give answers to question in almost same way .


That’s why some students ended up in examination malpractice because of the fear to fail, WHY ? because school cares about your grades not what you know .

We’re told we need to be successful , no one doubt about that . Did you know Facebook are you using YouTube , WhatsApp did you know these were own by drop out ? or did you use Snapchat ?

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Did you know the founder of IKEA ? oh no don’t get the wrong idea , he wasn’t a drop out , Ingvar Kamprad , founder of IKEA never even went to school .
I know what you’re thinking : The writer “MasterMind”  ‘is just picking those that didn’t go to school and are successful , who did he want to fool ?’ you can open your history book or search for famous people we know who doesn’t have even ordinary school certificate : Thomas Edison , Abraham Lincoln America great president and more .

I’m not saying ‘Drop out’ there are some school with wonderful teachers and good school system .

What I’m saying is there are difference between SMART people and People who SCORE better . I’m saying your future is no thing that test could ever measure .

No  your destiny is in your hand , you’ve the responsibly to shape it to be great . So don’t expect school to open the doors cause it might ended up slamming them at your face .

Seriously What is school for ?

School remember that amongst the students ;


  • There is an artist who doesn’t understand Maths
  • There is an Entrepreneur who doesn’t care about History
  • There is Musician whose Chemistry Mark Won’t matter
  • There is a Sport Person whose physical fitness is more important than physics.

Please start judging student on how smart they’re not How many A’s they get . Don’t take away their talents and dignity.

We now live in world where you either become a Lawyer , a doctor , a banker , or a failure.

©Prince Ea, Shetty


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