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WAEC Civic Education Questions 2022: See how to Get WAEC Civic Objective & Essay questions and answers for Wednesday 25th May, 2022 Paper III & II: Objective & Essay – Civic Education –  08:30 hrs. – 10:30 hrs.WAEC Civic Education Questions 2022

When is WAEC Civic Exam? Wednesday, 25th May, 2022.

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WAEC Civic Questions 2022 Objective

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WAEC Civic Education 2022 Essay Questions

6a) Youth empowerment is a process where children and young people are encouraged to take charge of their lives.


(I) Life Coping Skills: These are natural skills which every organism including man, acquires from birth to adapt fittingly in his or its environment. They are survival Instincts or skills.

(II) Manipulative Skills: These skills are seen in skills acquisition centres as it involves economic activities that inculcate skills such as technical education.

(III) Intellectual Skills: These skills are coordinates in character. It is the literary or theoretical frameworks that guide the practical aspects of the works, economic and scientific undertakings

(IV) Communicative Skills: Communication is a very important aspect of our life. Man evolved communications skills as a social being to enable him pass or send information from one person to the other or from place to place.

(V) Artistic Skills: These are close to communicative skills and are more complex. Includes they art of good writing, fine and applied arts, music and drama. These skills make effective use of all the other four kinds of skills where necessary.

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