Reasons For The Poor Education System In Nigeria


Nigeria has the highest number of children out of school in the world. There are 10.5 million children not being educated. I would be discussing thee Rasons For The Poor Education System In Nigeria.

Maybe we really need to follow the ways some countries with the best efucation system like United State , Canada ,Germany ,Finland .

Let’s check out the main problem of Nigeria education system compiled by Edustuff .

  • Schools are overcrowded and ill- equipped 
  • Poverty
  • Teachers qualification 
  • Underpayment 

1. Schools are overcrowded and ill- equipped:  Many of the schools are overcrowded with students whereby there would be a very high number of student in a classroom . Due to this the teachers might find it difficult to direct the students , many student won’t pay rapt attention to what they’re being thought , and we know what this would result to ; failure of students.

2. Poverty : Some parents find it very difficult to enrol their children to school due to poverty ; lack of a good source of income for living  .

3. Qualification : This can be verified as one of the main problem the education system in Nigeria is facing .
Most of the schools , especially private schools do employ unqualified teachers mainly due to the cost they would pay to a well qualified one .

4. Underpayment : Teachers should be well paid as doctors , teachers should be encouraged . When a teacher is underpaid they would find it difficult to show love to their job , they would give less effort to impact knowledge into the students.

These are the main problem in Nigeria Education System , thanks for reading .

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