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Npower PPA Redeployment 2022

Npower Redeployment 2021 Application Guideline
How To Apply For Npower Redeployment

Npower Redeployment: This page will help Npower beneficiaries on how to apply for Npower PPA Redeployment via the NASIMS portal You may want to change your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) due to few reasons, for example the reason may be change in location.

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Can i change my Npower PPA Deployment?

Yes, you can change your Npower Place of Primary Assignment (PPA).

Kindy follow the procedure below to apply for Npower PPA Redployment.

How to Apply for Npower Redployment of PPA

  1. Print your Npower PPA letter from Npower portal on your dashboard via
  2. Take the letter to your deployed Place of Primary Assignment (PPA).
  3. Ask your supervisor to tick the REJECT box and sign on the PPA letter
  4. Go to the PPA you want to redeploy to, request and collect acceptance letter from them
  5. Visit the Npower portal to scan and upload the signed letters both the evidence of rejection and the letter of acceptance
  6. Keep checking your NASIMS dashboard for update.

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