How To Check Npower Deployment Status/Letter 2021 Batch C List NASIMS Portal


Npower Deployment Status 2021 Batch C List

Npower Deployment status 2021
Npower Batch C Deployment Status

The N-power Batch C candidates who participated in the NASIMS Test are eager to check their Npower Deployment Status/Letter for 2021 via NASIMS Portal.

In this article you’ll learn how to check how to Check Npower deployment status, how to know if you’re deployed or not.

When Is Npower Deployment Date For Batch C?

Npower Deployment Date 2021

The N-power deployment date is unknown for now and those who have participated in the Npower Batch C test via the NASIMS Portal are not yet deployed. Keep visiting this page for more update.

The Npower Deployment letter is to be printed on the NASIMS portal by those who participated in the Npower test and was successfully deployed, the letter is to be taken to the Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) to which they were deployed to.

How Many Candidates Will be Deployed for Npower Batch C?

The NASIMS N-power Batch C is created to onboard one million new beneficiaries, beginning with an initial 500,000 beneficiaries in the first stream, and a subsequent 500,000 in a second stream.

How to Check Npower Batch C Deployment Status 2021

Kindly follow the procedure or steps below to check your Npower Deployment status:

STEP 1: Visit

STEP 2: Proceed to login to your dashboard by providing your registered Password and Email Address.

STEP 3: Click on the ‘Deployment’ button as shown in the image below.Npower Deployment Status/Letter for Batch C 2021 NASIMS

Finally, your Npower Deployment status will display on screen.

How To Know If You’ve Been Deployed By Npower

There are two types of response that you may get which will determine if you’ve been deployed or not.

If you’ve been deployed you’ll get this:

Congratulations!!! Dear [Applicant’s Name],
you have been deployed as N-power Batch C Beneficiary.

If you have not been deployed, you will see the message below:

“Dear [Applicant’s Name], you have not been deployed yet.”

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Keep checking your Npower Deployment status if the deployment date has been fixed as states previously in this article.

Kindly check back to this page, you’ll be informed when the deployment date is set.

Thanks for reading, Good luck!

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