List Of Universities Banned By NYSC from 2021 Batch A orientation course


This article contains the list of Universities Banned By The National Youths Service Corps, NYSC from 2021 Batch A orientation course, these universities are foreign universities in the Republic of Benin and Niger.List Of Universities Banned By NYSC from 2021 Batch A orientation course

According to NYSC, it was said that most of the banned universities are awarding degrees to students a few months after matriculation.

The NYSC management did not provide enough reasons for its decision.

In a circular from NYSC dated Friday, March 5 2021 to state/FCT coordinators, all D&R and foreign-trained verification officers in states were directed to to take note of the under listed schools.

  • 1. Al-Nahda International University (Niger Republic)
  • 2. Ecole Superieur Sainte Felicite (Benin Republic)
  • 3. Ecole Superieur D Administration et DEconomics (Benin Republic);
  • 4. Ecole Superieur DEnseignement Professionelle Le Berger – ESEP Le Berger (Benin Republic)
  • 5. Ecole Superieur St. Louis DAfrique (Benin Republic)
  • 6. Institute Superieur de Comm.
  • 7. Dord Et De Management – ISFOP (Benin Republic)
  • 8. International University, Bamenda (Cameroon)

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