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JAMB Day 3 Questions and Answers, Topics

JAMB Day 3 Questions and Answers, Topics From some Candidates
JAMB Day 3

JAMB Day 3 questions and answers: This is not expo, this article contents are questions shared by some candidates who wrote their UTME on the first day, you can just read through them, pick the topics from the question and read more on it.

The following are questions shared By Some candidates who’ve done their examination, this is not expo, do not memorize.

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Use Of English JAMB Day 3 Questions from some candidates for 2024

The English questions typically consist of:

  • 10 questions for the literature book
  • 5 questions from comprehension
  • 10 questions on lexis and structure
  • 10 word and opposite
  • 10 word and meaning
  • 5 fill in the gap
  • 5 sound
  • 5 stress

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Use of English JAMB Day 3 Questions 2024

1. Who was Omar immediate sister?

2.What did the author of the book study?

3. The book described Zaki as a?

4. Zaki was a (a) hustler (b)thug ✓ (c) trader (d)driver

5. How much did Habib give To Tommy [ans 20 thousand naira. ]

6. Omar’s immediate sister is [ans Teemah ]
7. A silver lining in the cloud means

8. Forget it whether right or wrong just grease his palm (a) Habib (b) Labaran (c) Dabo (d) Dr Kabir ✓

9. Omar got admission to study law in ?

10. Ummi’s husband wanted to study law but the providence chose that he study(a) commerce (b) accounting ✓(c) law (d) history

11. Which University did Omar get admission to?

Biology JAMB Day 3 Questions 2024


2.Ecology{food web),

3. What is the major supporting system in plants’

4. Kingdoms

5. Conservation of resources i.e game reserves etc. What is the largest game reserve in Nigeria?

6. Anaerobic respiration

7. Structure of cell. What is the surrounding environment of a vacuole called? ans: tonoplast

8. Which of the following is found in arid land (a) Cacti ✓ (b) acacia (c) cotton (d) shea butter

9. Trees found in storeys are ( a) Tropical rainforest √ ( b) desert (c) savannah (d) swamp forest

10. Which of this is s*xlinked (a) baldness (b) colour (c) height (d) shape

11. The shape of ear is and examples of (a) physiology variation ✓ (b) discontinuous variation (d) behavioural adaptation

12. The enzyme that convert protein to polypeptide is (a) trypsin (b) ptaylin (c) amylase (d)lactase

13. Lost of water In plant is [ans transpiration ]

Chemistry JAMB Day 3 Questions 2024

1. Calculate the volume of NaOH when 0.5 mole of H2SO4 ( incomplete question because volume of acid and concentration of base was not given)

2. Lot of questions on alkanol

3. What fraction of petroleum is used in road making (a) bauxite (b) lubricating oil (c) kerosene (d)

4. CH3COOH ——>CH3COOH + 2ADP +2 ATP .the reaction above is (a) gluconeogenesis (b)poly…

Physics JAMB Day 3 Questions 2024

1. When water vapour is saturated in air it is called
a) boiling point (b) dew points ✓ (c) melting point (d) heating point [repeated twice]

2. Hydropower station converts

a) geothermal energy to solar energy (b) solar energy to geothermal energy (c) potential to mechanical energy (d) mechanical energy to kinetic energy

3. A material of length of 20m has a temperature from 5°c to 55°c and the change in length is 0.02m . calculate the linear expansity of the material?

4. Questions on gas law to calculate the volume of the gas at standard temperature and pressure [ note P1V1/T1 = P2V2/T2 and pressure was given in 80cmHg

5. When heat moves upward , causing a substance to absorb heat while …………..(a) convection (b) emission (c) radiation (d) conduction

6. The resistance of a cross sectional area and length per unit of the ……..(a) conductivity ✓ (b) inductance (c) radiation

7. The volume of a gas at 25°c is said to be double at (a) 556K (b) 596K ✓ (c) 273K (d) 334K

8. Ac generator is convect to dc by a device called ?

9. Mechanical energy is converted to potential by

Government JAMB Day 3 Questions 2024

1. which of these was created under a military regime

2. which constitution laid foundation for democratic process
a) Richard constitution
b)clifford constitution
c) independence constitutio

3. which of these government had a hand in creation of ECOWAS
a) Obasanjo
b) Gowon

4. the Willinks constitution was adopted for what reason?

5. Which country contributed majorly in fighting apartheid in South Africa?

Economics JAMB Day 3 Questions 2024

CRS Day 3 JAMB Questions 2024

1. Where did Abraham want to sacrifice Isaac?

2. where did Elijah call upon God?

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