How To Pass WAEC 2020 With Distinctions


How To Pass WAEC 2020 With Distinctions

How To Pass WAEC 2020 With Distinctions, at the mention of WAEC 2020, students become quiet and afraid of the upcoming exam.

Many students out there don’t know what it takes to pass the upcoming exam, they don’t know the do’s and don’t ‘s to follow.
I will be highlighting the ways and guidelines you can use to guarantee distinction in the  upcoming WAEC 2020 exam.

How To Pass WAEC 2020 With Distinctions

1. Have God in your life: an old proverb says “God helps those who help themselves”,  Pray to God before the exam for wisdom, knowledge and understanding. And pray to him after exam for better outcome. That’s what’s called “God’s factor”

2.  Have the right mindset: who told you that you can’t pass WAEC 2020 on your own without examination malpractice?. Have the right mentality that you can pass this exam on your own. Not just passing the exam but with distinction.

3. Study with the right textbook : am often baffled with the fact that students nowadays don’t study with their textbook believing the textbook is too big for them.  Mind you, studying with the right textbook go a long way.  Mathematics textbook such as “A1 in mathematics”, “I can solve it all by J. R afolabi” and many outstanding textbook will help alot, Chemistry textbooks like ” Concise chemistry, outline chemistry ” will also help and they are cheap!!.
Buy them and try to study each topic very well.

4. Pratice Your Past questions : its already a known fact that WAEC and JAMB are known to repeat questions, get your past questions pack and pratice all years. Luck might shine on you that your questions will be those ones you practiced.

5. Be Familiar with 90% of your syllabus : This is very important, many students over the years are not familiar with 90% of your syllabus, Many SS3 students can’t remember what they have been taught in SS1, its like asking an SS3 physics student to state “Hookes law” and he is unable to state the law, its shows he is not familiar with his syllabus.  Its advisable for every students out there to revise each topic from their first year in secondary school.

6. Attend a good and tutorial center if needed : Maybe you found out you still have a lot of things to cover for the upcoming WAEC 2020. Its advisable to attend a good Tutorial close to you, and also a tutorial that won’t disturb your personal reading.

7. Treat each subjects as equal and important : This is a very bad habit known over the years, Many students out there in Nigeria treat one subject as been more important that they neglect studying other subjects. All subjects should be treated with same care. All subjects are of equal importance in the society.

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8. Study English language very well : I laugh at many secondary school students out there who thinks there is nothing to read in  English language. English language is very wide, English is dynamic (not static)   unlike other subjects. So many students fail English with the mindset that its an easy subjects. You have to study “Essays, Summary, Comprehension, Oral English and so on.. ”

9.Clear and legible  Handwriting : having a clear and legible handwriting also helps those marking examination. They say “your appearance determines the way you will be addressed”. Here your handwriting determines the way you will be marked.

10. Have confidence going into the exam hall : Many students often have examination phobia.   Have confidence going into the examination hall. Have the belief that you can do it.

11. Miscellaneous advice: alwalys arrive 30 minutes to your centre.  Take your time to know where the examination will be taking place, alwalys obey instructions given by the examiner and also in the hall by the supervisor.  Stay quiet during the course of the examination.
By following all this have highlighted above . I belive you can pass WAEC 2020 with A’s and B’s.
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Cheers to greatness.

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