How To Pass TRCN Examination | Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE)


In this article I will show you how to pass TRCN Exam | Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE). Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) is an agency of the Federal Ministry of Education of Nigeria.How To Pass TRCN Examination | Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE)

TRCN is saddled with the responsibility of licensing teachers in the teaching field of the country. Meanwhile, only holders of NCE, PGDE, B.Sc(Ed), B.Ed, M.ed and PhD certifications who are currently teaching or would teach in private or public schools of any type or level in Nigeria are licensed.

How many questions are in TRCN Examination?

TRCN Examination is a Computer Based TEST (CBT) and candidates are required to answer 100 objective questions in 1 hour.

What are the Subjects In TRCN Examination?

TRCN exam questions subjects contains: Use of English

  • Basic Mathematics
  • Educational psychology questions
  • Sociological questions
  • Statistics
  • Research questions
  • Teaching methodology questions
  • General Education questions

There are 23 different courses to be tested upon at the PQE,they are:(PQE 001-023)
-History of Education
-Philosophy of Education
-Sociology of Education
-Education Psychology
-Child/Adolescence/Adult Psychology: Human Learning.
-Guidance and Counseling(Theory and Practical)
-The Teaching Profession
-Teacher Education
-Classroom Management & School Organisation
-Educational Technology/Information & Communication Technology in Education.
-Subject Methodology
-Theory & Practice of Child-Friendly School.
-Curriculum Studies
-Measurement and Evaluation
-Educational Management
-Special Education
-Education of Special Target Group/Adult Education.
-Comparative Education.
-Educational Statistics
-Educational Research Methods
-English Language & Communication Skills.
-Use of the Library.
-Basic Mathematics
-Micro Teaching Theory.

TRCN Cut Off Mark

The cut off mark for the PQE is 50%. It qualifies candidates to proceed on proper registration.

Candidates who score below 50% have 2 more chances left to RE-SIT. Further failure attracts a minimum of one year probation. Such candidates are to undertake refresher courses before registering for the PQE. A re-sit fee is paid in this regard.

How To pass TRCN Examination | PQE

  • Schedule A Time For Preparation

You need to create a special time and place for your preparation, so that you’ll be more focused on what you’re doing.

  • Pick Out Topics From The TRCN Past Questions and answers

One of the applicants who got the past questions and answers from told me to assure her of the chance of passing the examination after studying the past questions, I said that’s not the only thing you should do, pick out the topics from the past questions, and find a textbook to read more on topicy

  • Avoid Anxiety

Most people won’t put their mind at rest just because of the examination, it is very bad as it will affect you mentally and that’s not the right time for that because will affect the way and what you read.

Note the category you belong to. Category (Ph.D holders in Education or with Education qualification), (Masters in Education or Masters in other fields with Education qualification), Category ‘C’ (Degree in Education or Degree in other fields with Education qualification), Category ‘D’ (NCE).

  • Be Optimistic

You’ve to make sure that positive thoughts are always in your mind.

  • Pray and Read

Most people will pray and won’t read and some goes the other way round, make sure you pray and at the same time read, if you really believe it, you’ll come out successfully.

  • Get TRCN Past Questions and Answers

You need to get TRCN past Questions and answers to pass TRCN examination, it will enlighten you more on how the examination is been conducted, what the questions looks like. You shouldn’t also forget that you’re applying for a teaching job so you need to prepare very hard. Click get TRCN PAST QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. 


Good luck!

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