NECO Financial Accounting 2022 Answers Objective & Essay (25th July)


NECO Financial Accounting 2022 Answers: Get NECO Financial Accounting Answers Objective and Essay for Monday 25th July 2022, Paper III & II: Objective, Theory & Practice – Financial Accounting – 2:00pm- 5:50pm.NECO Financial Accounting 2022 Answers Objective & Essay | Get Now

NECO Financial Accounting 2022 Objective Answers

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NECO 2022 Financial Accounting Essay Answers

Capital expenditure may be described as outlay resulting in the increase or acquisition of an asset ot increase in the earning capacity of a business WHILE Revenue expenditure is such outlay as is necessary for the maintenance of earning capacity, including the upkeep of the fixed assets in a fully efficient state, and the normal total involved in selling, including the cost of goods and services of the business to which it relates.

(i)Purchases day book or journal
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