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NECO Civic Education 2023 Answers 2023: Get NECO Civic Education Objective & essay questions and answers for Thursday, 20th July 2023, Paper III & II: Objective & Essay – Civic Education – 2:00pm- 5:00pm.NECO Civic Education 2023 Answers Objective and Essay | Get Now

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NECO Civic Education Answers 2023 Objective


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NECO Civic Education 2023 Answers Essay

(i) Traffic Rules: Obeying traffic rules and regulations such as stopping at red lights yielding to pedestrians and following speed limits contributes to orderliness on the roads.
(ii) Public Transportation: Queueing in an orderly manner at bus stops or train stations respecting line spaces and waiting for one’s turn to board public transportation helps maintain order and efficiency.
(iii) Law and Order: Adhering to laws respecting the authority of law enforcement agencies and cooperating with legal procedures contributes to maintaining order and justice within society.
(iv) Organized Events: Events that are well-planned and executed with clear directions designated areas and proper crowd management ensure orderliness and the safety of participants.
(v) Meeting Protocols: Orderliness is essential during meetings or gatherings to ensure effective communication and decision-making. Following meeting protocols such as having an agenda time management and giving each person an opportunity to speak helps maintain order and achieve objectives.
(vi) Law and Social Order: Upholding laws and regulations is vital for maintaining orderliness in society. The legal system ensure

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