My Lovely Liar Season 1 Episode 12 K Drama Download


Are you looking for where to watch or download all episodes of My Lovely Liar Korean Drama? You’ll find all latest episodes of the truth-detection romance drama here.My Lovely Liar Season 1 Episodes

A woman who can’t trust people because of her ability to hear lies and a mystic composer who hid his indescribable identity, become involved in each other’s lives to uncover the truth.

  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Mystery
  • Stars: Kim So-hyun, Minhyun, Seo Ji-hoon, Lee Si-woo
  • Premiere: Jul 31, 2023 (South Korea)

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In the episode 1 of the Korean drama, the Liar Hunter Mok Sol-hee uses her special power to make money. One day when she is running away to Seoul, she meets a mysterious boy on the bus.

Although he is just a random person to her, she later finds out far in the future that he is the worldwide famous composer Kim Do-ha.

My Lovely Liar Episode 12 Download

To download My Lovely Liar Season 1 Episode 12, click HERE now.

In the previous episode which is 11, Bones get discovered on a mountainside in Hakcheon, and the police get called to investigate. Kang-min thinks it could be the skeleton of Choi Eom-ji, the missing girl.

As he waits for DNA analysis to finish, Kang-min asks Sol-hee about Seung-ju one last time. Meanwhile, J Entertainment ends it’s relationship with Do-ha and Syaon.


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