Island Kdrama Download Season 1 Episode 1, 2 Series


Island Korean Drama Series: Are you looking for where to download the newly released and interesting kdrama series Island? You’ll be able to download complete seasons of Island.

Island Kdrama Download
Island Kdrama Series
  • Title: Island / Aillaendeu
  • Season Number: 1
  • Episode Number: 1, 2
  • Genre: Action Adventure, Fantasy Horror, Mystery, Thriller
  • Premiere: Dec 29, 2022
  • Stars: Kim Nam-gil, Lee Da-hee, Cha Eun-woo

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Won Mi Ho is the only daughter of her father who runs Daehan Group. Her arrogant and selfish attitude causes her to make a big mistake that eventually angers her father into banishing her to Jeju island. There, she is assigned to work as a high school ethics teacher. Unbeknownst to her, the island is where evil roams free. She meets other individuals on the island and together, the characters join forces to live.

Download Island Season 1

Island Season 1 Episode 1: Won Mi-ho is the only heiress to the Daehan Group. She falls for her aunt’s plot and becomes the center of a controversy after beating up a person in the middle of the city. Mi-ho is sent to Jeju Island until things quiet down, but she comes across a lust demon in a wedding dress.

Island Season 1 Episode 2: Not only was Mi-ho chased twice by lust demons, but the police are now also treating her like a drug user. She is trying to come up with a plan to escape Jeju Island and go back to Seoul. But before she could get on a plane, she ended up in a life-threatening car chase with a lust demon.

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