Top 5 Most Lucrative Fields in Medicine – Highest Paying


Most Lucrative Fields in Medicine: Medicine is a branch of Science which deals with live of humans and animals. Medicine is a very wide course that deals with experiments, observation, study and facts about knowledge acquired.Top 5 Most Lucrative Fields in Medicine (Highest Paying)

There are different fields of Medicine with different categories of degrees. A Degree in science is called Bsc (Bachelor of Science).

To become a qualified holder of any degrees in Medicine, a person needs to go to an academic institution. After graduating from secondary, you move further into any institution (University/College) to learn a field in Medicine.

Medicine focus on two areas that is; Human (Man) and Animals.

The study of Human is called Science of Humanities and the study of Animals is called Zoology.

This areas have different branches underneath them. For example: A person who studies the field of Zoology that take care of animals like dog is called a Veterinarian and a person who studies the field of Science of Humanities that  treats sickness and disease  is called  a Doctor.

Medicine is a science and practice that deals with caring for people and animals,diagonising disease, treating wounds, and helping sick patients.

There are different fields and most Lucrative Fields of Medicine.

Fields of Medicine means different career areas under Medicine why Most lucrative Fields means those areas that are well paid with regular Clients or patients.

There are different fields in Medicine;

Types Of Fields In Medicine

Family Physician

A person is addressed according to the field of Medicine he studies. For example; A person who studied Surgery is addressed as a Surgeon,a person who study Dermatology is addressed as a Dermatologist…..etc

How Many Years To Study Medicine In The Us?

4 years for bachelor’s degree; 4 years for medical school; 3-7 years in residency and fellowships depending on specialty.

How Many Years Is To Study Medicine In Nigeria?

It will take 6 years of studies to get certified as a medical doctor.

How Much Is Doctors Salary In US?

The average Doctor salary in the United States is $281,681.

How Much Is Doctors Salary In Nigeria?

According to the information received, Private hospitals pay between N120, 000 – N250, 000 for resident doctors while Government hospitals pay between N190, 000 – N280, 000 but note that this depends.

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Top 5 Most Lucrative Fields in Medicine

Below are Highest Paying Fields in Medicine

1. Surgery: Because of how demanding and tactic this study is, it’s the top most paying Field of Medicine. In surgery, operation are performed on people with hope of helping to them to get better.

2. Hospitalist: This are people who work in the hospital e.g Doctor and Nurse. In a well developed country, Doctors and Nurses are well paid for their services.

3. Radiology: With the common use of X-ray, Radiologist are also well paid for their practices .

4. Pharmacology: Since manufactured drugs cannot be consumed without proper and thorough observation and testing it can’t be sold out. Here,a pharmacologist is employed and highly well paid.

5. Pathology: This is the study of disease, virus and other infection. Due to the high range of virus and disease surfacing recently,a Pathologist is highly paid for his research and experiments.

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