JUST IN: Kwara Approves use of Hijab in Schools, Fixes Resumption Date for closed Schools


Hijab Crisis: The Kwara State Government has approved the use of hijab in schools and has announced a date for the reopening of closed schools shut down due to the issue.

This information was made known to Edustuff on Thursday in an announcement made by the Secretary to the State Government, Mamma Sabah Jibril.

According to him, final decision was made after consulting with Muslim and Christian communities with a view to clarifying issues and reaching a consensus.

Jibril recalled that at least “10 schools of interest” were shut down to maintain order and prevent mischief makers from taking undue advantage of the development.

However, the government considered submissions of all major interest groups, the education law of Kwara State, the prevailing court judgments and current global trends of multiculturalism, it was affirmed that every child in public schools have the right to freedom of worship.

“Consequently, the government hereby acknowledges and approves the right of the Muslim schoolgirl to wear the hijab”, the statement read.

The Ministry of Education and Human Capital Development was ordered to come up with a uniform hijab for all public/grant-aided schools, which will be the accepted mode of head covering in schools.

“Any willing schoolgirl with the approved (uniform) hijab shall have the right to wear the same in public/grant-aided schools”, it added.

The affected 10 schools that was closed are directed to resume classes on Monday March 8, 2021.

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