1. I can’t even believe the score I saw with my eye last year I scored 230 and this year am seeing 146 please I beg you jamb do something to it because I don’t believe that this is my score I beg you do something

  2. Am so displeased seeing what jamb gave me , last year I scored 205 I couldn’t reach my choice of course cut off point with the hope that this year I will do better I read as if my life depended on it at the end what I recieved is 153 gosh

  3. Mine, last year I scored 211 without reading due to work loads. But this year 179 after I resigned to read for exams.

  4. I was so shocked when I saw my score.. i scored 217 last year but just as a trial I should have gained admission with it but I was underage then and I wasn’t even that serious with it cos I knew am sitting for the exam just to have an idea of what it was not to talk of this year which I knew what am doing
    I read as if my life was depend on it and to my surprise I scored 173 wow


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