7 Ways To Read and Understand

7 Ways To Read and Understand students, some readers after they are done with the reading of a page or a book do realize that they don’t understand all what they have read.They realize they are only daydreaming, It happens to everybody at some point or another : maybe you got little or no interest or little time in what you’re reading. In this article i will be showing you the 7 ways to read and understand.

“This article will help and make your reading more easier ,faster and much fun.”

7 Ways To Read and Understand

1.) Know The Type of Book You’re Reading

Before attempting to read the book or text, you should take a moment and reflect upon just what type of book it is. Knowing this will help you to relate to the text you want to read. Depending upon the difficulty of the reading, you may want to do more in the way of planning how you will take it on.
There are some books that are not clear on this scale between extremely easy and extremely difficult. In my own experience, I found MasterKeys To Riches by Napoleon Hill to fall somewhere in the middle. I read the first couple of chapters fairly easily and loosing interest. I started over with a new plan of taking notes in order to gather the main points.
The difficulty of the book will not always be clear. That is why it is also important to remember tip two.

2.)Set Your Goals Before Reading

Like i do say “Set your goals first and from no where you will see direction.”
What do you want to get out of this book or text? Are you reading it for a class, in order to understand a certain topic? Are you reading it for pleasure, just hoping to gain a new perspective on it? Or perhaps you’re gathering information for some plan.
The point is that if you don’t know what you want to get out of the book, then you most likely will end up with nothing rather than everything. Knowing what you want and what you want to do gives you a focus, a goal, some sort of problem to be understood. Of course, for leisure reading, this is more difficult, but for classes this is essential. You want to gain a way of looking at a certain topic that will allow you to take part in discussion and more or less make your way through the class.


3.)Create A Special Time to Read

Reading for fun can be done anywhere. You could take a fun book out on a bus, in bed or at the office, and you can enjoy it.
However, if you’re reading to improve your comprehension, you need to focus and study.
This means you need to make a special time for this reading. Making time for your reading will let you focus well without risk of being interrupted. This time should be quiet, and you should avoid being distracted.
You should try to spend at least 30 minutes every day on focused reading. That’s how to improve your reading skills seriously and successfully. The more you read, the more you’ll improve.

4.)Pick a Pencil

In order to better understand the reading, you should be able to pick out meaningful statements within it. Not every sentence of the book is going to contain a different idea that you should remember. To better help with finding these meaningful parts, it is helpful to make marks in the book with a pencil.
Marking points you find important will help keep your concentration upon the text. This will also aid in attempting to re-analyze and point out significant statements as you will have them marked.
I have found doing this small thing invaluable. It has also supplied me with possible block quotes that I may want to use in writing.

5.)Grab A Notebook

Sometimes just marking in the book is not enough. You may be able to find important statements in the text, but you may not be completely sure just what the author is attempting to convey. For this problem, it is useful to use a notebook to attempt to either summarize or re-state what the author intends.
Doing this forces you, the reader, to attempt to jump into the mind of the author and extract the main points. To be able to state them in different ways shows that the idea has been understood in some way or another; it shows that your reading is going according to plan.

6.)Be Swift Yet Not Hasty

When reading a particular text, it is important that you be persistent in reading it. Keep up a good pace. Set a certain time aside everyday so that you will keep up this pace. It may be even possible to set deadlines for yourself in order to get your butt in gear. A common theme these days is to attempt to read one book a week. Depending upon your current endeavors, this may or may not be possible. Personally, as a college student, a track athlete, and a tutor I find this completely impossible.
In any case, the quicker you read a book (assuming you are attempting to really understand it) the better picture of it you will have at the end. The book will always be in the back of your mind; you will be applying it to daily situations, thinking of it in terms of experience. This is extremely useful and allows you to understand and retain the book better.
There is a limit though to how quick you can be provided you aren’t a speed reader. If you get too fast, you will be fatigued easily when reading and your mind will wander even though you may be following along perfectly.
To ensure this doesn’t happen, it is important to periodically stop every once in a while and attempt to see if you have retained what you have just read. If not, you had better change your game plan.

After You Have Read the Book

7.)Summarize The Book

After having read the book, it is important to test your knowledge on it. Simply summarizing it works well. A good summarization hits all the keys spots and does not dwell on any certain aspect to long. It forces you to “put things in their place” so to speak and requires you to put everything together as well.

If you’ve been keeping a notebook, you can just use your notes and marks in the book to achieve this summarization.

If you follow these steps in reading, you might suddenly discover that you’re reading better and understanding more even in your own native language.

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