5 Proven Tips to Tackling JAMB questions


As the 2020 JAMB UTME approaches, here are the 5 Proven Tips to Tackling JAMB questions students should arm themselves with all necessary information so as not to make simple mistakes.

If this is the first time you are writing a computer based exam and you are very new to the idea of using a computer for examination.

   Don’t be scared and anxious, its very simple using the computer for examination, it just involve looking at the computer screen  and clicking with your mouse to choose answers.
This are the important tips to tackling Jamb questions on the exam date.

5 Proven Tips to Tackling JAMB questions

1. Make sure you fill in all the necessary details and fill in all fields properly. 
      You will fill in your Jamb registration number which will be used to generate your questions and other details.
Make sure you are familiar with your Jamb registration number as it will be needed often.
In the examination hall, you will input your registration number and then click on “Next” to move to the next page and then you will see a set of instructions which its advisable you follow.
If you are having difficulty with it, seek the help of the supervisor or  invigilator in the hall.
Ensure everything typed into the computer system is typed in properly too.
2. Make sure you read and assimilate instructions very carefully. 
Student fall victim every year, when they don’t take to the instructions of the examination.
The instructions of every examination varies as regards the examination.  Ensure you go through all the rules that appear in the screen and adhere to them.
Ensure you follow all the rules on your computer screen and the one given by the invigilator or supervisor in the hall.
3. Plan the time to be spent on your four subjects.
Many fall victim of this tip, they spend too much time on a particular question.
The time for one candidate in Jamb is 2 hours, And there is 60 English questions and 40 questions for the other three subjects each.
The time allocated should be distributed among the four subjects equally.
Ensure you answer all questions as that’s very important.

4. Begin with English language first: Over the years, Jamb allotted more English questions and English is known to be very important to everyone.
If you are very skillful and prepared, you can finish 60 English language questions in just 20 minutes.
When you are done  with English, you can then move to your next best subjects.

5. Don’t spend more than one minute on one question: Jamb questions is 180 questions and its to be answered for just 120 minute’s.  Which further buttress the fact that you must not spend one minute on one question.
Some questions can be easily answered and some calculations might take longer time.
But no matter the intensity of the questions, ensure you dont spend more than a minute on a question.
If it seems to be taking your time. Use your reasoning faculty to cancel out two impossible answers and go for one of the possible one.
Speed is very essential in Jamb.

Tips to tackling Jamb questions, Jamb Utme Examination

Wish you good luck in the forthcoming examination.

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