3 Reasons why you should attempt GCE before WAEC


As a student you need a good guide when it comes to any examination and in this article I will give you 3 reasons why you should attempt GCE before WAEC, after reading this article you will find a good reason to sit for WAEC GCE or NECO GCE.3 Reasons why you should attempt GCE before WAEC / NECO

The West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) is usually written every year by Secondary School final year student between the Month of March and May. The GCE (General Certificateertificate Examination) also known as WAEC for private Candidate is usually taken by student who are in the senior Secondary School classes and this exam is done between July and August.

What you should know about GCE and WAEC

1. GCE (General Certificate Examination) is usually taken before WAEC.

2. GCE being a private Exam can be attempted by anyone in Senior secondary School classes unlike WAEC which is for final year student.

3. GCE is an acceptable O/level result in any institution and so can be used to replace WAEC or joined together with WAEC when seeking for admission.

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Reasons why you should attempt GCE before WAEC

  • GCE gives you experience

As the saying goes “It is the best teacher” . Attempting GCE before WAEC is very important because it helps such a student prepare his/her self well for WAEC.

  • It helps know your Stands 

General Certificateertificate Examination is an exam that helps final year student know if they are actually ready for their WAEC. It also helps them to identify their area of weakness and where they’re lacking behind.

  •     It serves as Backup

Asa student most times it’s not really possible to make clearance in all  subjects as such a person needs serious study time and hard work.

This isn’t new as some students do not make all papers in WAEC, this isn’t only to the lazy student alone but those who are brilliant as well cause not everyone is good in all subjects.

So attempting GCE sometimes can serve as a backup up results for the subject you failed by combining both O/level result when seeking for admission.

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