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University Of Ibadan Resumption Date – The University of Ibadan (UI) gives notice to students on resumption of a Academic activities, debunks rumor of resumption date.University Of Ibadan Resumption Date 2021

Following the post of some students of University of Ibadan (The first and The Best) stating resumption to be January 18th, 2021, A student and also a member of parliamentarian of the House Hon. Adebisi Muhammed Adeniyi (Prestige) has addressed the issue as a rumour and the Senate of the University has not given any memo on the resumption yet.

He said as at 8th of January, 2021 no memo has been released to the university website by the management so resumption is yet to be fixed While addressing students he said once resumption has been fixed a memo will be made to circulate the University community.

In a memo which was released on Friday from the Office of the UISU and made available to Edustuff, the President of the union commended the patience of the students so far as regards resumption and gives hope that the students will get back classes very soon.

He said, “In the lastest development today, in a chat with the Students’ Union President, the acting Vice Chancetior has said, “COPDD is meeting on Monday and after which Senate will approve the calendar to complete 2018/2019 and for 2019/2020.

We are aware that the Acting Vice Chancellor is making all efforts in making sure thet we all return safely to our Classes.

In the same vein, 300 and 400 level students from the faculty of Education are expected to commence Teaching Practice exercise on February 18th, 2021. Also, some of our Post Graduate Students have started their project defence process.”

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