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If we’re to look around carefully, Nigerians are highly talented that’s why you need to keep doing what you’re good at and you’ll be noticed one day, even if it is a little or ordinary attention one day it will turn big.

A poem is said to be a piece of writing in which the expression of feelings and ideas is given intensity by particular attention to diction (sometimes involving rhyme), rhythm, and imagery.

I’ve read and listened to a lot of poems and my favourite poet is Rudy K. Francisco who expresses and reveal many things through his poems.

To start with, during the recent ASUU industrial strike which lasted for 9 months before it was called off and after the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown, I saw a poem online that served justice to both the Federal Government and ASUU.

To cut the story short, I saw a poem from the same person titled “School Like A War Zone,” where he talked about how hard students are trying in instituions, and he caught my attention the second time.

The poet is Folorunsho Ahmed a Political Science student of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko (AAUA), currently in 200 level, and he goes by the Nickname “Shelter Of Freedom.”

Quick Interview: MasterMind with Folorunsho Ahmed Shelter Of freedom the revolutionary pen that is “writing to right”

MasterMind: Can you tell us your first poem and when it was published?

  • Folorunsho: I published my first poem titled “Power Of Women” in April 2020, the poem was instigated by the non participation of women in politics and leadership calls.

MasterMind: What’re you trying to express with your Poems?

  • Folorunsho: Most of my poem are revolutionary and epic cause my main purpose for writing is to “Write to Right”. I always want to speak against injustice in the society and poetry has been the only way to lend my voice.

MasterMind: If you’re to count, how many poems have you written?

  • Folorunsho: So far I have written more than 200 poems and still counting.

Imagine that! He started writing poem in 2020 and he has published more than 200 poems? That’s huge you know, it is really what he likes and good at, no doubt.

School Like War Zone by Folorunsho Ahmed

For how long shall we
cry and be sober?
For how long will tears
fill our pillow and sofa?
For how long shall we
continue to have
Our lips covered in loud
sorrow no one hears.

The long days of much
Slain after checking the
results of our hard
The days we lost sleeps,
And dozed off on bench
like sheeps.
The days we starved yet
we laughs,
With an empty stomach
we danced in paragraphs
of books and pages of
made us weary and
passed out.

Oh Mr lecturer!
Please for the sake my
For how long will you
massacre us?
With mass failure you
buried us.
The “F” is hanging our
Some were thrown into
School is not a war zone!

The missile questions
coming down like drone.
For how long? shall the
notice board
Stop being so red than
the blood.
When will our efforts
And we’ll get what we
deserve with no rant.
The government failed
us and pierce our heart,
Job after school is like a
river in the desert.
Certificate with no
Is like a soldier with no
weapon, oh my nation!
The heart of our soul is
not breathing
Inscription of pain we
keep enduring
The grade doesn’t makes
us great
But our efforts deserve
the justified rate.

Why the ambush of the
dream we own
Say no to mass failure
and deadly questions!
Speak loudly now or you
are killed with silent

©Folorunsho Ahmed
Pen name: Shelter Of

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