Postpone School Resumption for Three Months – Reps Suggest


After the Federal Government gives approval and support for the reopening of all schools in Nigeria, The House of Representatives kicks against the Federal Government decision for allowing schools in Nigeria to resume as earlier reported by Edustuff.Postpone School Resumption for Three Months

According to The House, the government officials did not consult the relevant committees of the National Assembly, contrary to their claim that all relevant stakeholders were consulted before arriving at the January 18, 2021, resumption date.

They said the Federal Government shouldn’t have gave the go-ahead due to the increasing cases of COVID-19.

The Chairman of the House Committee on Basic Education and Services, Prof Julius Ihonvbere, Said:

“They did not consult us; at least in my committee, nobody from the ministry spoke to me. I have been in Abuja. And I am not sure that they spoke to any of my members. They just don’t see us as part of the critical stakeholders,” he said.

It read, “The Committee on Basic Education and Services, House of Representatives, has received with concern the decision of the Federal Government to reopen schools on January 18, 2021.

We are particularly concerned that when the infection rates hovered around 500 and under, schools were closed; but now that it hovers well above 1,000 infections daily, schools are being reopened. Why are we rushing to reopen schools without adequate verifiable and sustainable arrangements to protect and secure our children?”

The House of Representatives therefore, demanded postponement of resumption for three months, where necessary safety measures weren’t put in place and compliance with protocols low.

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  1. LAUGHING SERIOUSLY!!!. Just help us to tell him not to worry because many negative things have been happened to us in this country and nothing meaningful has been done just like this covid19. He should not create another hungry and suffering package.


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