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NECO Geography 2021 Answers: Get NECO Geography Answers Objective and Practical for Friday 23rd July, 2021, Paper III & I: Objective & Practical/Physical – Geography, 10:00am – 12:30pm.NECO Geography 2021 Answers Objective & Practical | Get Now

NECO Geography 2021 Objective Answers

(i) Great Circles: is any circle that divides the globe into two equal halves or hemisphere. The equator is a great circle and all lines of longitude including the greenwich meridian line. Great Circles are equal in length. The shortest distance between two points on a spherical surface lies along the circle. Examples are The Equator(0°latitude), The Greenwich Meridian(0°longitude).

(ii) International Date Line: This os an imaginary line running North-South through the Pacific Ocean. The line is zig-zag at some places to avoid some island groups thereby removing the confusion of dividing one island into different dates. Whenever the international Date Line is crossed, a whole day is either lost or gained.

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NECO 2021 Geography Practical Answers

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