How To Link Email to Jamb Portal or Profile 2024 for Free Now


Link Email To Jamb Portal or Profile

How To Link Email To Jamb 2022 Portal or Profile
How To Link Email To Jamb

Link Email To JAMB Portal: See how to link your Email to JAMB portal or profile for 2024 UTME/DE, update your JAMB profile now with your email address.

The Joint Admission And Matriculation Board (JAMB) have directed the 2024 UTME candidates to link their email to JAMB profile or Portal.

Follow the procedure below from Edustuff to do your JAMB Email Registration for 2024:

How To Link Email To Jamb Portal 2024

  1. kindly send an SMS writing “Email” with your Email address twice to 55019 or 66019 in the following format for example: Email [email protected] [email protected].
  2. A password will be sent to the email
  3. Kindly log in to JAMB Caps with the email and password received, click HERE to do that or

NB: #50 will be deducted from your SIM

As provided to Edustuff, candidates can now access the 2024 JAMB profile without visiting the CBT center after completing the JAMB 2024 email registration.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Please after the first gap between the email and the email address is they another gap again between the two email addresses or not.

  2. I sent my email to 55019, it’s showing ‘You did not register for 2021 UTME/DE’…..I used the number I used in sending my NIN

  3. Have spent 500 naira card on this but haven’t received any email message if they are not perfect on this let go back to how we do it then and stop all this wasting our money on card

  4. I have sent my email thrice using the same number I used in getting my profile code and it keeps telling me ‘You did not Register for the 2021 UTME/DE’ what’s happening please?

  5. i sent my gmail to 55019 and they sent me you cannot use this facility because you originally supplied your email during registration or have upload your email,pls what how can i access my caps.

  6. I have sent my Gmail to 55019 no reply they have taken my 200 without receiving any password, I have sent mine like 50times now please help cos I’m tired of this jamb

  7. Comment:I have sent my email address to 55019 time without number and I’ve not receive any password. what will I do now??

  8. Pls I need help still telling me to specify a valid email address, I opened another email still saying the same thing, what should I do

  9. I’ve tried it a dozen times but they just keep deducting #50 and they are not sending me any sms in return please what do I do at this point??because they have collected close to #1,500 but they are not sending me any sms at all

  10. The number they used for my jamb registration isn’t my number and I don’t know the owner of the number . I have created a new email and sent it to 55019 but they are saying that I didn’t register for jamb 2021 please what will I do also

  11. I have sent my email to jamb the first time they said you did not register for 2021 utme exam and since then I have been sending more than 20 times they have not replied me since then
    Wat do we do
    We are wasting money and time is going too

  12. I sent my email to 55019 and it replied that my email has been successfully linked and so i should cheek my inbox for the details but i couldn’t find any message from jamb

  13. I try linking mine this is the message I got
    This Email Address has been Used. Try using another email instead. and I haven’t done it before

  14. The phone number I registered on JAMB portal is different from the one is linked to 55019 and as a result I am unable to link my email address. Please help.

  15. Ever since they ask us to link it have been trying it up till now but all to no avail. They are just deducting money and a message will follow up invalid email have they closed it

  16. I did what exactly was written but they replied back saying that idid not register for 2021UTME/DE. But I registered for that. So please what should I do?

    • That’s thesame problem I’m having also, I even created a new email with the number I used for Jamb registration but it’s not giving me any reply and no money was deducted from me also

  17. Sir,
    I have tried linking my email to jamb but I was told it’s invalid. Also, can I still link up the email now as admission is out already?

  18. Please I’ve sent my email 3 times now but they said invalid email format…
    And please is it a must to use the number I used to receive my profile code…
    Please what’s the correct email format

  19. I have sent my e mail some many times I keep saying invalid mail please i really need help so I can link my email to jamb.

  20. I have same problem it always tells it’s an invalid format,like am literally fed up with all these ups and downs

  21. Sir, please am new here.
    I tried sending my Email to 55019 and the message i keep on getting is “Wrong parameter or Invalid format” that is the same number i used in registering for Jamb and NIN. It even got to the extent i had to open another Email with the number thinking it would be more easy but same response every day i try.
    Please sir i need your help cuz am confused already.

  22. I linked my email address for last year exam. I’ve registered this year but it’s still last year’s stuff showing should I wait for jamb to update the portal for this year admission or what

  23. Comment: i have been linking my gmail for 5 days now, it replies with invalid email format. And yesterday i tried it again, but it does not give any reply. Each time i send it, it deduct my credit but as at yesterday my credit was not deducted and no reply was sent. Please help.

  24. Please I wrote jamb last year and this year too but I used the same profile code as last year but since the result came out I haven’t been able to access my caps though it’ll log in oo but once I clicked on access caps it won’t go…what can I do?

  25. Good evening sir/madam I have tried sending my email to 55019 .I will be told wrong format or wrong parameter.Atimes it doesn’t give a response . What step should I take next in order to correct the error?


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