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Download Ijakumo: The Born Again Stripper, Unveiling the Wrath of a Scorned Woman, we delve into the gripping tale of a charismatic and affluent pastor whose world is turned upside down when he uncovers an astonishing secret: the church’s esteemed worship leader moonlights as a seductive stripper.Ijakumo: The Born Again Stripper

Ijakumo: The Born Again Stripper” is a captivating drama that falls under the genre of drama. The film was released in Nigeria on December 23, 2022.

The stellar cast includes Kunle Remi, Toyin Abraham, Okusanya Lolade, Lilian Afegbai, Antar Laniyan, Bimbo Akintola, Eso Dike Okolocha, Olumide Oworu, Debbie Shokoya, Tomiwa Tegbe, and Segun Arinze.

A pastor living a double life falls for an exotic dancer in his congregation, but he’s unaware that it’s all part of an ex-lover’s plan to destroy him.

Download Ijakumo: The Born Again Stripper

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