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20 Legit Ways To Make Money As A Student In Nigeria 2022
Ways To Make Money As A Student In Nigeria

20 Ways to make money as a student in Nigeria: As a student and at a certain stage in your life, you shouldn’t rely on your parents for everything you need, imagine asking your parents for money to buy a pen, it is obvious that they’re likely to get angry with you because they expect you to also be in support for yourself, although parents are supposed to take care of their children sometimes the children should find a legit way to support them and reduce the burden.

Meanwhile, some students or anyone who finds this topic interesting may think the tips in this article on Edustuff will get them rich quickly in no time, but that is wrong, you’ll need to be consistent in anything you do, everything takes time.

Another thing you need to know is that you must do what you love, it is better to do what you love and earn little than earn more doing what you don’t like. Most times, people will walk up to me or chat me up and say, “MasterMind, suggest a good business I can engage in and start making money,” I will always tell them I can’t dictate for them if they’ve any suggestion they can ask me for strategy or opinion on it.

As a student, you can start with little or no cash to start making money, many people don’t believe this, but it is possible, all you need is a good strategy.

Some of the methods that will be explained will need you to have materials, you can get the materials and also learn the skills to start your own business as a student.

However, making money as a student shouldn’t stop you from focusing on schooling as long as you’re a student, schooling can be important. I would have used the word “Education” instead of schooling I believe they’re two different things as long as you’re educating yourself right now on Edustuff by reading this article.

Before I start with the things students can do to make money, I must tell you that in every kind of work you do, please try to go digital. Technology is taking over and the internet is making things easier.

20 Ways To Make Money As A Student In Nigeria 2022

1. Freelance writing: This is when you write for media outlets and get paid. Some big blog and media outlets will pay you for writing articles for them If you know you have very good writing skills. How to make money as a student in NigeriaYou can reach out to Media Outlets in need of a writer, Tell them you can write, and hopefully you get a chance.

2. Blogging or become a YouTuber: Bloggers makes money online by selling their Knowledge, you can monetize your blog in different ways:

Some ways you can monetize your blog:

  1. Using Ads company like Google AdSense, Mgid e.t.c
  2. Affiliate marketing, for example, the Jumia Affiliate program
  3. Sponsored Posts
  4. Promotion through placing of advertisement and more.

All you need is a phone or Laptop, internet Connection, determination, interest, and I will advise you have a mentor to put you through some things.

NB: Blogging isn’t an easy way to make money there is no easy way to make money, you need to make a lot of sacrifices before the dough.

Most people will tell me, “MasterMind I want to be a Blogger,” I will ask them “Why do you want to become a blogger?” If the answer is I need money I will always tell such people not to dream of becoming a blogger.

Though your goal is to make money there should be something greater than money.

For instance, apart from good planning, another thing that fails business is the founder goal, most business owner will only think about what they will earn or get from running a business without thinking of their customers or audience, in the long run, they’ll start losing customers.

After schooling, you may have no reason to look for a job, blogging can make you a millionaire all it needs is time and you’ll start earning cool dollars.

You can search online or watch YouTube videos to learn more about blogging. If you’re interested in becoming a Vlogger, you can search on how to become a YouTuber.

3. Makeup Artist: This is one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria, we all have Female friends who can’t do without makeup when going to a party. Girls normally pay close to 20k-50k for a nice makeup session with a good artist.20 Ways to make money as a student in Nigeria

Imagine knowing how to do makeup, you could be making close to 100k a week.

Talk to your friends, do free makeup for them.

When people see that it’s a nice one, they will always be referred to you, that’s how you make your cool bucks doing nothing when what you do is what you love.

4. Be a Tutor: So you are the king of Mathematics, Chemistry, Or Literature, you can make cool bucks every week by selling your knowledge.

There are thousands of students in Secondary school who cry to their parents for a private tutor every week, you can reach out to the parents of those boys and girls running around in the society, tell them you want to help them in two ways.

a. By helping them in their academics.

b. By helping them keep their child busy.

They will be very happy to release their wards to you, negotiate a price, and boom you already have it.


You are the Shana getting 97A in CHM101 Or MTH101, why not tutor your fellow coursemates who are finding the course hard, gather a few friends in your department.

Tell them you can help them pass the course they call hard, they will listen to you and will want to learn from you, but don’t overdo this and always create time for yourself too.

5. Graphics Design And Web Developer: Every company and Business needs a simple logo and website.

A good mockup logo costs close to 10k and a Good, nice Responsive Website cost close to 70-200k.

Why not learn these two and start earning, these two sometimes go hand in hand.


A good business needs a nice logo to stand out from its competitor and every business should have an Online Proof (website). You can easily get jobs related to these two.

6. Sell Clothing: Everyone wants to follow trends, everyone wants to wear Gucci, Prada, and other designers, that’s where you come in.How students can make money in Nigeria

You can buy those clothes for a low price from a clothing outlet or buy from AlibabaExpress or rather buy from China for a very cheap and ridiculous price and sell in Nigeria here at a price as high as something else.

You can get some designer cloth from China for a cheap price like 2k and sell to your friends for 8-15k depending on the fabric and quality of the material.

Imagine buying 10 clothes for 2k… 10 × 2 = 20k and selling for 8k…  8× 10 === 80k… Imagine a profit of 60k (sixty thousand) just buying and selling clothes.

7. Baking Cakes: Every celebration (Birthday, Wedding Ceremony, and others) needs a cake to offer to the celebrant and guests.

Baking Cakes is also one of the lucrative businesses in Nigeria because hardly can a day pass and there won’t be someone having their birthday party and as a student, I can say it is highly lucrative because you’ll get many job offer on campus.

When you’re well trained, you only need your Baking Oven, Flour, Sugar and you are ready to start making cakes and other small chops.

8. Phone / Computer Repair Skills: You might know how to fix problems in a phone or computer if you’re well trained, instead of your friends paying a huge amount to have their phone fixed by the nearby engineer, this is one of the good ways to make money as a student in Nigeria

You can easily help them fix the phone or computer and you earn your pay.

9. Become a Disk Jockey (DJ): If you are the type that loves music, loves partying, why not make a living out of your passion?Make money as a student in Nigeria 2021

The next time your neighbor is having a party, you can choose to be their DJ, It’s pretty easy.

Just mixing songs and you only need a laptop and some instruments and skills to start.

And before I forget, you must have a good sense of music too.

10. Modeling: Mr or Miss Nice Looking, you are one of those that have looks that makes people droll, or you have those sexy looking figure that makes the opposite gender run after you.

Photo Credit: IG @onlyfedacan

You can easily make money, by signing up with a modeling agency in Nigeria.

11. Photography

12. Hairdressing

13. Laundry Services

14. Tailoring

15. Hostel accommodation agent

16. Become a Social media influencer

17. Programming

18. Painting house/wallpaper

19. Comedian / Creating Skits

20. Master of ceremony

There are hundreds of ways you can make money as a student but we have the list of 20 ways in this article, you can just look at the list, think and choose one of them and start on it.

Another important thing you must know is “planningmost of the business that fails lacks proper planning, don’t rush into a business, you must make plans and take necessary steps that’ll help you in the long run.

I know you find this article informative and helpful, you can use the comment section to ask questions or say anything, remember to like and share this article to many places on the internet, it will surely help others who need to find what they can engage in to make money in a legit way.

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