WAEC Government Questions and Answers 2024 Expo Free (Objective and Essay)


WAEC Government 2024 question and answer: This page contains both the WAEC Government Objective and Essay Questions and Answers for the 2024 West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

WAEC Government Questions and Answers 2024 | Objective and Essay Expo

The WAEC Government will be written on Thursday 2024 at 9:30am – 12:15pm, Physics – Essay & OBJ.

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WAEC Government Questions and Answers 2024 Objective and Essay


*1) Feature that make democratic the most porpular system of government*

– Existence of the Constitution
– Popular participation in politics
– Equality before the law
– Periodic election
– Separation of power

1. Existence of the Constitution: In every democratic nation, there is usually the existence of a constitution which is either written or written. A constitution can simply be defined as the fundamental laws or rules which guides a state or society.

2. Popular participation in politics: One the most important features of democracy is popular participation in politics. From the definition of democracy explained above, it is clear that any system which does not encourages people to participate in the political decision making of the government is not democratic.

3. Equality before the law: In a true democratic state, there is equity before the law. This form of government does no encourage the idea that some class of citizens should or should not be punished for their actions. Even the legitimate leaders in a democratic state are forced to face the law during or after their service of the nation.

4. Periodic election: Since the people are the supreme in a democratic state, there is usually a fixed tenure for conducting elections. This is to make sure that the political powers of the state is not concentrated in a single hand.

5. Separation of power: Separation of power is a political concept by Charles-Louis de Secondat, baron de La Brède et de Montesquieu, an 18th century French social and political philosopher. It means that the political powers of a state should not be concentrated in one single hand. It should rather be separated and sheared to avoid dictatorship.

WAEC Government Area of Concentration


1. Outline three merits and three demerits of Separation of Powers.
2. Explain six functions performed by political parties in your country.
3. Describe six factors that can determine the effectiveness of pressure groups
4. Explain six duties expected to be performed by a citizen of a state.
5. (a) What is a state?
(b) Outline five reasons why individuals must belong to a state.
6. How did the people of British West African territories govern themselves before the
advent of colonial rule.
1. Power differs from influence in that it is
A. persuasive while influence is directive
B. coercive while influence is harmful
C. coercive while influence is persuasive
D. arrogant while influence is corruptive
2. The standing committee of a legislature is one
A. whose member stand while delibrating
B. that has statutory responsibities
C. that perform adhoc functions
D. that has legislators as members.
3. Where the constitution is supreme,unconstitutional acts of the executive and the the legislature can be checked by the courts through
A. recall
B. judicial review
C. vote of no confidence
D. impeachment.
4. The central decision-making organ of a confederation is made up of
A. technocrats appointed by the units
B. politicians elected from the confederal constituencies
C. politicians nominated by the government of member states
D. representatives of pressure groups.
5. Which of the following is true of a parliamentary system of government?
A. clear seperation of government organs.
B. strict operation of bicameral legislature.
C. removal of government by impeachment.
D. adherence to majority rule.
6. A major feature of authoritarianism is that government is
A. consensual
B. personalized
C. centralized
D. decentralized.
7. The central point of capitalism, as expounded by Karl Marx, is that
A. capitalist profit is the surplus value obtained from workers labour
B. workers are inherently incapable of being owners of their labour
C. capitalists shall always increase worker earning capacity through wages
D. capitslists shall always readily consent to workers welfare demands.
8. A constitution that requires a plebiscite or a referendum to be amended is
A. rigid
B. unwritten
C. flexible
D. write
9. An important function of a constitution is that it
A. provide a framework for the study of government
B. facilities cross-fertilization of ideas of governance
C. serves as the fountian head of authority for the execise of power
D. promotes citizen participation in government and administration.

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