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WAEC GCE Literature 2022 question and answer: Get the WAEC GCE Literature Questions and answers for both Prose & Objective paper for 2022 Literature 2hrs 30mins 2:00pm – 4:30pm, check details.2022 WAEC GCE Literature Questions and Answers

The West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) standardized test is important for the secondary school students in West Africa to get admission to tertiary institution, this page contains the 2022 WAEC GCE questions and answers.

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WAEC GCE Literature Questions 2022 Prose & Objective





The language of the poem is simple and straightforward which is a form of hymn of praise to the black woman-not only as an individual, but also as a symbol of African woman and as a representative of her race. There is also the poet’s response to this beauty, as the black woman is perceived in both sensory and emotional ways. He seems to summarize her qualities, beginning with a description for the natural woman, who is seen in the terms of ripe fruit, black wine, a Savannah that shudders beneath the caresses of the east and an object – a sculpted drum that responds to touch. The poem is therefore written in free verse.


The expression “Naked woman”. Takes our minds to a woman who is completely naked or nude whereas the poem is not about a woman who does not wear any clothes. Also, “Jealous fate” in the line is a euphemism for “death”.


black woman” is repeated throughout the poem for emphasis and to buttress the tone of the poem.

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WAEC GCE Literature Past Questions and Answers

  1. Over the cobbles it clattered and crashed is an example of (a) oxymoron (b) pun (c) onomatopoeia (d) paradox
  2. An essential feature of drama is (a) soliloquy (b) conflict (c) irony (d) aside
  3. A humorous poem with five lines, the first two rhyming with last is (a) an ode (b) sestet (c) octave (d) a limerick
  4. Death be not proud, though some have called thee mighty and dreadful is an example of (a) euphemism (b) metaphor (c) apostrophe (d) alliteration
  5. An essential part of the plot is (a) characterization (b) exposition (c) atmosphere (d) foreshadow

WAEC GCE 2022 Literature Answers Prose & Objective

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