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WAEC GCE Biology Practical 2022 Questions and Answers: Get WAEC GCE Biology Practical 2022 answers specimen for Friday, 9th December, 2022, Paper III & II: Objective & Essay – Biology Practical – 2:00pm – 4:45pm.WAEC GCE Biology Practical 2022 Questions & Answers

This page will show you the 2022 WAEC GCE Biology Practical questions and answers both the specimen for WAEC candidates.

WAEC GCE Biology Practical Questions and Answers 2022 

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WAEC GCE Biology Specimen 2022

Group 1 (For all candidates)
Specimen A – Weevil-damaged been seed
Specimen B – Viable been seed
Specimen C – Dried Maize grain soaked in water overnight
Specimen D – Soldier termite (dead)
Specimen E – Honeybee (dead)
Specimen F – Muddy water ( in a test tube)
Specimen G – Lower jaw of a herbivore with teeth intact.

Group II
Specimen H: Head of domestic fowl (complete)
Specimen J: Quill Feather
Specimen K: Leg of domestic fowl (complete)
Specimen L: Head of Duck (complete)

It is essential that each candidate should be provided with the following materials;
(i) glass jar cover/petri dish
(ii) white tiles
(iii) beaker
(iv) a hand lens/magnifying lens
(v) scalpel/razor blade/ knife
(vi) a pair of forceps
(vii) iodine solutions.

NB: (i) All specimens can be provided as group specimens for five (5) to ten (10) candidates.
(ii) All specimens in each of the groups must carry individual labels (e.g A, B, C, D, E, F, and G in Group I)

WAEC GCE Biology practical 2022 Answers Objective Essay

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