WAEC Agric Practical Question And Answer 2022 Expo Free, Check Now


WAEC Agricultural Science Practical Question And Answer 2022

WAEC Agric Practical Question And Answer 2022 Expo | Check Now 
WAEC Agric Practical 2022

WAEC Agric Practical Question and Answer 2022: Get WAEC Agricultural Science Practical Questions and answers for Wednesday 23rd May, 2022, Agric Practical – 08:30 hrs. – 10:00 hrs.

WAEC Agric Practical 2022 Questions and Answers

The Specimen B is a Castration device which employs a large clamp designed to break the blood vessels supplying The testicles. Once the blood Supply to the testicles is lost testicular necrosis
the testicles shrink, Soften. And Castration is said to have occured.


Specimen C:
(i) used for livestock Identification
(ii) used for Monitoring livestock behaviour

Specimen D
(i) for fastening nuts & bolts
(ii) for loosening nuts and bolts

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WAEC Agricultural Science Practical Specimen 2022

Specimen A – Feeding trough
Specimen B – Burdizzo (real/picture/diagram)
Specimen C – Neck/collar tag
Specimen D – Spanner
Specimen E – Kerosine lamp
Specimen F – Inorganic fertilizer (superphosphate) (labelled)
Specimen G – Compost (labelled)
Specimen H – Farmyard manure (labelled)
Specimen I – Groundnut seeds (unshelled)
Specimen J – Cotton lint
Specimen K – Oil palm fruit
Specimen L – Rubber latex (labelled)
Specimen M – Crop (Poultry)
Specimen N – Gizzard (longitudinal section with its contents)
Specimen O – Rumen
Specimen P – Small intestine
Specimen Q – Liver

WAEC Agricultural Science Practical Questions and Answers 2022

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(i) It is use for pruning process
(ii) It is used for cutting flowers

(i) It is use for weeding
(ii) It is used for trimming hedges or shrubs

(i) Store in a cool dry place
(ii) Clean or wash after use
(iii) Keep away from rain to prevent rust

(i) Store in a cool dry place
(ii) Always wash and clean after use
(iii) Sharpened the blade properly

(i) Hoes
(ii) Hand Trowel

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