Unilorin Officially Introduce Electronic Attendance To Their Students


Unilorin officially introduce electronic attendance to curb the issue of lateness and absenteeism.
Prof. Ibrahim katibi, Dean of faculty of clinical sciences unilorin, has introduce this new method of showing students came to lectures early and often.
This new system “Electronic attendance” was created,  to curb the issues of many students lateness and absenteeism to school and lectures room.

The dean said this new method was however created to ensure students especially those in the faculty of clinical sciences,  come around to class and watch how things are done as science is now more of pratical than the theory they are forced to cram daily.
Its a known fact that students alwalys helped smuggled their friend’s name into the ordinary attendance notebook but with this new method, lateness and absenteeism will be eradicated,  as its difficult for someone else to sign for you.


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