JAMB 2022: NIMC Gives Notice To UTME/DE Candidates On NIN Issues


NIMC JAMB 2022 Issues, The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has issued an important notice to the prospective 2021 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) candidates concerning NIN-related issues.

JAMB 2022: NIMC Gives Notice To UTME/DE Candidates On NIN Issues nimc-jamb2021@nimc.gov.ng

If we can recall, Edustuff earlier published that  The Joint Admission And Matriculation Board (JAMB) made the use of the National Identification Number (NIN) compulsory for JAMB Registration.

To get the JAMB profile code that will be used for registration, interested applicants will have to send their NIN to 55019 or use the JAMB USSD code, you can read the recommended articles to see how to generate your profile code properly.

Many interested applicants are finding it hard to generate their profile code, several issues have been reported to Edustuff, we published an article on how to solve the issues, you can check the recommended article.

Latest News On NIN Related JAMB Profile Code Issues

To get the JAMB profile code issues solved, NIMC gives notice to all UTME/DE candidates via their official Twitter handle.


RECOMMENDED: How To Solve NIN Issue and Get JAMB Profile Code via JAMB Support Online




[email protected]


https://www.jamb.gov.ng/support.https://www.jamb.gov.ng/support. nimc-jamb2022@nimc-gov.ng


All UTME/DE-related NIN complaints should be channeled to the emails below for a quick response.

[email protected] or https://www.jamb.gov.ng/support.


Also find: nimc jamb2022 gov ng, nimc jamb 2022 google groups com, nimc jamb 2022, [email protected]

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  1. My students find it difficult to get their profile code.Most of them has spent more than #500 while sending their NIN number to 55019,yet no profile code given to them.What do we do in this matter?

  2. I have been trying to get my jamb Profile code since April 10 till now I didn’t receive any code I tried it in different phone all the result is zero all my plan to be in sch next year has been in vain I wasted almost 3,000 card I tried all my best no results found

  3. Good day.
    Am gift ozoka chikwado I try to generate my profile code for JAMB and am getting a response that my surname and my first name is missing, moreover the issued an ID card that has my complete surname and first name, please solve the issue so as to enable me generate my profile code

  4. What do I do, m getting no record found for NIN, nd wen I want to link it to my sim its bringing invalid NIN

  5. I have been trying to do correction of data:Date of birth on my NIN,Have Paid for remita:15,200.UBA BANK.since Last month have also re captured. It’s yet to reflect my new date of birth. Please someone should Help me out

  6. My NIN first name is spelt wrongly and I already have my profile code already and NIN office is not doing the correction yet

  7. Hello I applied for jamb registration and the profile code I got was the name on my formal NIMS and have already went for changing of name and have got new national ID and it’s yet to reflect on my jamb profile. Please help me out

  8. My nin keeps telling me that there is no record n they keep removing 50 naira from my Acct aff dialed n write Sms t will tell me error or t won’t do at all sef

  9. Want to register for jamb de but my line was n’t linked with my NIN, it was linked with my husband ‘s NIN. Can I use the SIM to generate profile code or buy new SIM since, it was n’t linked with mine.

  10. When am trying to generate my profile code it’s showing no record found for NIN
    I have went to NIN office twice they said it will work and it didn’t work till now

  11. I want to generate my profile code but in the process after av sent my NIN to 55019 the Airtel number I used has been blocked without getting the profile code,and have tried sending it through other numbers it wasn’t going again. So, I want the profile code to be generated on this number 090712636**

    • My profile code has been generated but still yet no PIN
      There was a mistake In my cell phone number
      please I need your help in correcting it.

  12. I have sent my NIN to jamb since April I keep getting no record found for NIN I tried both the USSD code the same thing please how do I generate my profile code

  13. Please my NIN is not verified,it’s saying no record found for this NIN when I request for a profile code from 55019
    Please help me out
    Here’s my NIN 18102798333

  14. My jamb is bringing out Lagos State as my state of origin.
    Where as in my nin it is of state I inserted.
    Please how do I go about it.

  15. I did my nin on 13 of April but I haven’t seen it still now I jamb is closing this week help please

  16. I I have not received my jamb profile code and they have deducted my money saying they will get back to me later I used Airtel line

  17. I have senty nin to 55019 since April and am yet to get my profile code pls ooo jamb registration will soon close

  18. I have an issue with my NIN
    There was a mistake.
    One number was omitted From my phone number, and now it’s affecting my jamb registration.

  19. I nestor Emmanuel babatunde am having Error on my nin . I sent my nin to 55019 , to create my jamb profile code and they replyed me that my passport Obtained on nimc isnt valid.

  20. My nin is saying invalid nin and no
    record of my nin andI need my profile
    code to register for my jamb

  21. Pls I have try different number to get my my profile code using mtn glo Airtel not yet send pls help me find solution to it my NiN number is 49635053228

  22. I have try to generate profile code from 55019 but they reply to me that my date of birth obtained from the NIMC is not valid

  23. Pls wat do I do since I registered my nin with the sim card I have used for jamb before and jamb registration closes on Friday pls it’s urgent I need help

  24. Please good evening, my National ID is not out yet and jamb registration is ending soon, what should I do

  25. I did change of surname from Eboeyi Goddowell to Ighele Goddowell for about 3weeks ago, but the previous surname is still reflecting on my profile code. Pls help me out.

  26. I have be sending my NiN to 55019 they have not been sending me response they will tell me to try again or either my first name or last name is not correct

  27. I have gotten my NIN and i went for my sim registration and they said that is not validated, and i need my profile code for my JAMB. When i send my NIN to 55019 the feedback is your request is being processed, please wait for sms confirmation. I have done this several time, Please what should i do

  28. Please I have issue with my NIN number i do my NIN for the past three weeks now but my NIN number is not yet out please what can i do

  29. Have tried all method but no respond no reply nothing am almost fed up because it’s closing on Saturday and no profile code

  30. Please I have issue with my NIN
    Haven’t gotten the profile code since last week and jamb registration is closing on Saturday

  31. When I sent my NIN to 55019, the reply I got was no record found. Please what can I do to receive this profile code before it is too late

  32. My own is telling me no record found,pls help me out.have been sending my nin to 55019 since Monday,the reply am getting is no record found

  33. I did changing of name from NiN office since three weeks ago and i was given the slip with the name changed but when i want to generate a profile code from jamb i realise that jamb sent me the name i change before with the profile code

  34. have not got my profile code up till now have even want to validate my nin same thing nothing am really stranded now I need help

  35. Pls prof is’haq open the jamb registration so that we should register I have send my NiN to 55019 de say no record found pls and pls sir


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